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What is ReCom?

ReCom stands for Reborn Community, which symbolizes the birth of a young and dynamic community, where it members help each other build a united Malaysia regardless of differences in race, ethnicity or religion. was established in 2003 under the spirit of sharing knowledge and know-how for Malaysian students around the world to get together, exchange ideas and express their views on various issues concerning them.

ReCom developed over the years as an exchange hub as well as an independent networking and collaboration platform for Malaysian students and young professionals from Malaysia and around the world. envisions to bring Malaysia to infinity and beyond, towards a developed Malaysia by the year 2020.

Brief history of ReCom

01 April 2003
Syamsul bin Hasran (masterof_none) and Mohd Yusuf bin Abdul Hamid (bachok83) started to incubate ReCom on their own PC acting as the web server. The site architecture was based on PHP-Nuke and phpBB.
24 April 2003
ReCom opened its door - 26 new members joined on this day.
08 May 2003
ReCom purchased domain name ReCom started to be known as
Mid 2004 started utilizing commercial web hosting service.
08 March 2008
ReCom 2.0 was launched, in conjunction with our 12th General Election of Malaysia. The site architecture was changed to vBulletin.
09 November 2008 was nominated as one of the 5 finalists for "Youth Friendly Company of the Year 2008" by AYA Dream Malaysia Awards 2008.
15 November 2008
ReCom 2.1 was launched. The site sports a brand new look with many new features and upgrades introduced.
17 May 2009
ReCom Wiki, the Malaysian education encyclopedia written by students for students, was launched.

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ReCom stands for Reborn Community. It has no affiliation with other organizations that may share the same name. The views expressed in this website solely represent the authors point of view and do not necessarily reflect the views of ReCom Anchors and other ReCom users.


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