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ReCom Crew is made up of Malaysian Students all around the world. Our community is focused on betterment of our young generations.

Our team is expanding ever since is founded. Willing to help out? Let us know!



Founder, Administrator

Syamsul aka masterof_none was an ordinary computer science student at University of Southern California when he met Yusuf and started (later, joined by Chen Chow, Luke, Thirdshifter, and the rest of the Anchors). Syamsul's prime interest is in leveraging Internet as a platform to discuss ideas, sharing information and meet new people.When he has nothing to do on the weekend, (apart from computer-related stuff), he enjoys watching movies, listening to songs and gardening. Occasionally, he'll sit on the beach and relax. Throughout the years of running, Syamsul loves community. It is the community that keeps alive until now.



Co-founder, Administrator

Mohd Yusuf aka bachok83 co-founded when he was a freshman studying Electrical Engineering at University of Southern California. He managed's server for a number of years after which he decided that webhosting would be a better solution to serve the community.

He is now a software engineer at Altera Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd and helping out (to maintain/develop) during his free time. He sometimes finds it hard to mix with people for his sheer 'geekiness' mentality, where he finds bridges' resonance frequency is a more interesting topic than (erk, uh.. what do normal people talk about?).

His favorite TV channels are Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Animal Planet. He also finds Mythbusters as one of the most interesting TV shows. Despite that, he also loves sitcoms such as Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, Home Improvements, etc. His favorite movie genres are comedy, family, romantic comedy, actions and adventures.



Software technician, Administrator

Lukman aka Luke or Muhammad Lukman bin Nasaruddin in full was born on 24th March 1983 in Ipoh. He graduated from Cornell University majoring in Computer Science and started working as an IT Executive at TM. His favorite pastime is none other than programming, listening to Japanese songs, watching Japanese Animation and reading Japanese Manga. He is so interested in Japanese culture that he can converse, read and write in Japanese, and he even went backpacking in Japan for two weeks in mid 2006 alone to test his grasp on Japanese language and to experience the oriental culture first-hand.

He came across ReCom during his freshman year through friends at Cornell University like ChenChow, Cheryl (Silverblue) and Kevin (littlebigone). It was not until late 2003 that he decided to register at ReCom under username ?luke?. He helped out to introduced a few modules to the website architecture and before long he was promoted to an administrator in ReCom. He became hiatus in ReCom slightly for more than 1 year after he graduated from Cornell. He helped to redesign Recom 2.0 and continues to develop ReCom every now and then.



Technician, Administrator

Leen is an introvert studying some economics, a little computer-related stuff, and some trivial math. She does sudoku every now and then, boasting a personal best time of 8 minutes ++ for evil level in She enjoys memorizing the different countries' flags of the world and is extremely fond of Formula 1 and sports in general. She participates actively in Mangahelpers, a manga community and Campus Alive blog, a local Christian blog. In her free time, she sleeps, makes signatures/avatars, and reads/watches the latest Naruto and Bleach manga/anime. She is also currently a part of International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Environment Illinois, World Vision, DeviantArt, and Lakeview Church. She thinks that the world needs a little bit more grace and eggs makes the world turn around. Her hope for ReCom is to see more members participating in ReCom and that ReCom will continue to be the primary source of information for all students.



Wiki-Technician, Administrator

Youngyew aka Chang Yang hails from Alor Star, Malaysia but he currently spends most of the time in Melbourne. Despite doing a numberless course, he still likes Maths and Physics, and he ought to do something about his Internet addiction. Everything cool or funny he says here is his futile attempt to gloss over his real-life image of a medical student, a profession well known with its high populace of nerds, kiasuists, and exam score statisticians. He *tries* not to be one of those people. In fact he is trying it right here. He rambles regularly at his blog




Chen Chow joined on the first day is opened to public and since 24th April 2003, he has been frequenting Although in recent years his posts have reduced, it did not diminish his care about . He is an alumni of Cornell University, INTEC (UiTM), Raffles Junior College and Jit Sin High School. He was formerly working as a Management Consultant with Accenture, and now he is working as Product Manager with .He is also currently Honorary Secretary of American Universities Alumni Malaysia, Assistant Secretary and Activities Coordinator of Malaysian Mensa Society, Chairman of Cornell Alumni Admission Ambassador Network and Committee of Malaysian Sudoku Society.



Wiki-Technician, Administrator

Vseehua aka Casper is a boy who always mistaken for girls. Probably it?s because of his name provides an image of a girl at the first glance. Anyway, he is a technical type of person who likes to fix (and break) stuffs especially if it concerns modern gadgets such as the more advanced cell phone models as well as computers. He spends a lot of time on the internet surfing for random (mostly technical and philosophical) stuffs to read and learn from.

Currently, he is in the midst of learning more about php programming and server administration in order to set up a website that he and his girlfriend wanted to jointly set up. He also plays games a lot during his free time, mostly World of Warcraft because of the very friendly community of friends that he has there and the fun factor as well. If he is not doing any of the things listed above he will be chatting with his friends in MSN or thinking how to get past the writers? block for his own blog. He hopes that ReCom can continue to serve as a platform for Malaysian students to further develop their skills in creatively and critically thinking for themselves as well as for the others. This is a skill that he thinks is sorely lacking amongst Malaysian school graduates of the recent times. Should you guys have any enquiries or just want to have a chat please don?t hesitate to drop a line at vseehua_at_hotmail_dot_com or add him in MSN via the stated address.



Administrator, Chief Editor of ReMag

Glassy is finishing up the last few months of her law undergraduate degree and is looking forward to returning to warm and sunny Malaysia again. She loves writing, debating, intellectual discussions, and thus enjoys the occasional academic sparring with a friend or two. Glassy has a passion for food, and thus enjoys trying new things in new places, experimenting in the kitchen, and generally just indulging herself in food. She believes that even the simplest and cheapest of meals can be jazzed up with a bit of creativity; being on a student budget does not mean that one should be excluded from having nice things to eat. Her more frivolous interests include daydreaming, people-watching, and shopping [with a current weakness for shoes and shiny things].

Known as the "Iron Fist" of ReCom, Glassy spends most of her time on ReCom keeping peace in the forums, but would also be more than happy to provide advice on many issues to fellow ReComers. She is also always willing to lend a listening ear to any problems you may have, so feel free to pop her a PM or an e-mail if you ever need someone to talk to.



Administrator, Developer

Hails from East Malaysia, Xon is pursuing an engineering degree. He likes to travel and he thinks that reading is a necessity. He starts off any random day with world news and a cup of hot Milo. He is eager to learn about global opportunities for him. He is preparing himself to leave his comfort zone someday! Sometimes, he swears a little about Malaysia despite being a government scholar. He welcomes you to share anything with him via private messaging here. "Don't be shy! I don't bite!"




Capablanca, aka Yung Terd is a guy from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Although frequently associated with Mt. Kinabalu, he haven't climbed the mountain yet, but he planned to do so. An alumni of SM All Saints & INTI UC, he is currently a Sophomore doing a number-oriented course in a university in USA.

He spends his free time reading mangas and thinking about world issues, especially in the economic realm. His other hobbies include swimming, practicing karate, playing chess, latin dancing and many more. He is always up for a challenge or two. So, if there is anything which can interest him, kindly PM him or just email him.




Miracle_seed, who grew up in the town of leaning tower, continued his studies in college-in-the-middle-of-nowhere, and is now pursuing tertiary knowledge in the land of spices, of which he will be spending most of the time of his youth tasting delicacies of different spices. Quiet and a little passive with strangers, he could turn talkative with close friends, of which he shares his passions and interests with. Critical timing and endless workload wouldn't stop him from indulging in his interests e.g. geography, history and politics as his concentration easily sways away upon encountering interesting sites and articles. Despite being serious and all, he has a liking for things with suffix "mon" of some would assume generally do not match his age. He would love to travel to different places, but great inertia always seems to be an obstacle. Just drop him a message if you have any query and he would be more than happy to help in accordance with his capabilities.




Henry Yew, an Ipoh-born boy with a strong passion for music, has just graduated from the Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering programme at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Unwilling to stop right there and motivated to go deeper into traditional civil engineering fields (offshore engineering, structural dynamics), he plans to do postgraduate studies abroad. Why abroad? Because he would like a change of environment. He hopes to contribute back to society by joining the academia in the future, after he has earned all his big bucks.

He spends most of his time on the computer, composing new pieces, reading the news, reading articles in Wikipedia, blogging, playing the piano and travelling. When he is not doing anything, you can find him in his bed, sleeping blissfully.



One of the early ReCom Anchors, who have played tremendous part in building up! He used to be one of the main super moderators for for several years, before life caught up with him, and he started to spend less time with




Schye is an innocent kid that had a lucky strike on JPA scholarship that changed his life forever.Brought up in an ordinary family with not much exposure, he never thought of further his studies oversea,never thought of not being ordinary,never thought that sky is in fact not the limit, and never thought that he could really change the environment. He is an alumni of SMK Ibrahim, UTMKL, International Student Institute of Tokyo, Nagaoka National College of Technology (Electronic Control Engineering) and Univesity of Tsukuba (Social Science and Engineering, College of Policy and Planning Sciences). Currently, he involves in MSAJ, STeLA, Rotaract, BLS, Hercules, MIJ, AYNJ etc. These years, Recom and Recommers have been inspiring, motivating and for times,showing him how far a Malaysian can go. With the pool of talents, the energy of this Reborn Community, he hopes and believes ReCom will continue to achieve the same in the future. Kindly PM him if you are coming to Tokyo. He is a good host, believe him or you could ask Luke for proof.




Jiin Joo joined the founding team of during its early days to help grow a global community of concerned Malaysian citizens, because he firmly believe that the exchange of a great idea is what sparks all great things to come, and Malaysians were in need of such a platform for exchange. Later he helped found the Stanford Malaysia Forum, which manifested as an annual event where Malaysian students and professionals come together with iconic figures and academics to create greater discussion and understanding of Malaysia and also its connection to the greater world, gathering different perspectives and building action plans based on common goals and shared dreams.

Jiin Joo is a CS graduate from CMU/Stanford. He now works at the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, supporting the upcoming National Broadband Network Retail Service Providers. Previously he worked at Singapore Computer System as a Technology Evangelist and as a Software Developer Engineer. He's also the Business Director for Bizroolz LLP, Owner of UsefulMusic SP, playing his trombone in Philharmonic Winds, The Philharmonic Orchestra (SG), etc. What he means is that he's kinda busy at the moment. You can learn more about him on his blog



weich a.k.a Wei Cher is currently an engineer in the oil & gasindustry based in Doha, Qatar. In his short career, he has spent sometime working on drilling rigs in the jungles of Trinidad & Tobago, theAtlantic Ocean, the deserts of Qatar and the Arabian Gulf. A luckyrecipient of the ASEAN Scholarship, he is an alumni of ImperialCollege, Raffles Junior College and Raffles Institution. While in university, he founded the now-defunct Internship ASIA(, an international online student organisationhelping undergraduates to get internships in Asia. In 2004, InternshipASIA became part of ReCom and ever since, weich has been involved inthe affairs of ReCom. He can be reached via the forum PM, although he doesn't guarantee a swift reply due to his nature of work in remote locations.

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