My School's Life!!! ^_^
BNM logo! :D
Table there... :)
Corus Hotel's Lobby!!! ^^
Teachers!!! ^^
Majlis Makan Malam Nostalgia Abadi!!! ^_^
Pn. Rohani, my class teacher, Best Guru Cemerlang Sejarah ever!!! ^^
With Pn. Rohani!!! ^_^
Raya in Pn.Rohani's house!!! ^^
Class!!! ^^
5 Cita picture!!! ^^
Me studying for Trial JPWP KL!!! ^^
Laksamana picture!!! ^^
Maths Society picture!!! ^^
I love Asis!!! ^_^
SBP life!!! ^^
School's logo!!! ^^
Sa[Vi]our!!! ^^
ASiS's tie clip!!! ^_^
Sa[Vi]our!!! =)
School's logo!!! ^_^
SBP's logo!!! ^^
Class Photo!!! ^^

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