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Random and Internationalisation Program to Perth, Australia (31st May 2009 - 8th April 2009)
With cute koalas!!! ^^
In front of King's Park. ^^
Feeding cute kangaroo!!! ^_^
With kangaroo!!! ^^
Cute owl!!! ^^
Nice statue.
Murdoch University, Perth.
Murdoch College, Perth.
Curtin University of Technology, Perth,  Australia.
At Guildford Village Pottery!!! ^^
Kangaroo!!! ^^
Me at Perth Mint!!! ^^
At Hay Street!!! ^^
The apartment i used to live in Perth for 9 days. ^^
At Hay Street!!! ^^
In front of the Curtin University, Perth.
Cute Koala!!!!!!!! ^^
Asisian in Guildford Grammar School!!! ^^
Hay Street!!! ^^
Penguin at Perth Zoo!!! ^^
Nice one.
Couple... :)
Perth's night view!!! :)
Chocolates in The Margaret River Chocolate Company!!! ^^

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