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  1. Multicultural World
  2. Malay Culture
  3. Malaysian Culture
  4. Beauty Pageants : Why didn't we win it?
  5. Astrology... believe or not to believe??
  6. Man or woman, who is the bigger shopper?
  7. mini skirts banned in Kelantan & Terengganu
  8. Anyone knows this multiplication?
  9. Childhood reading material
  10. Paranormal Investigation Challenge - Milk Drinking Statues
  11. Etymology
  12. Sex Education
  13. Israeli - Palestinian Conflict
  14. Influence of American culture
  15. Malaysian Night 2004 @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  16. Free for Breakfast??
  17. Animal Rights in Malaysia
  18. bad hair day
  19. National Anthem
  20. Gravity Probe B
  21. Time Traveller?
  22. Is marriage important?
  23. InHuman
  24. english at the star newspaper
  25. Interracial Marriage
  26. Attitude Adjustment
  27. Apple, just another Microsoft??
  28. Most spoken languages in the world
  29. Citizen of the world?
  30. Proselytizing in Malaysia
  31. Misguided Aims of BTN
  32. Lament of a Kampung Boy
  33. Hypothetical Question to ReCom
  34. Dreams: coloured or not?
  35. Gag Order on National Service Trainees
  36. MOE matriculation...
  37. Americans think we hate them..
  38. Singaporeans think we hate them....
  39. Cakap Kosong.. Why did God create Human? Why do we exist?
  40. Philosophical Point of Discussion
  41. God, Bible and ....
  43. Searching for missing person in the US
  44. Philosophy: Acknowledging Differences
  45. Individual Decision Making--irrational???
  46. Lemelson-MIT prize winner claims immortality 20 years away
  47. Stop the nonsense please
  48. JPA US health insurance plan
  49. Revolt or Pacificism: Which to Choose?
  50. Goverment... why the fish do we need a goverment?
  51. I hate using the word bumi/non-bumi
  52. Malaysians mudah lupa
  53. Ok..this is real & plz be reminded..coz I paid the price
  54. Drug
  55. Since religion is often debated here...
  56. Religion may be genetic, are we programmed?
  57. Tribal feeling
  58. Of why fighting on the Internet is plain stupid
  59. "Not for Muslims" printed in front of Bible
  60. Is Religious Conversion a Sensitive Issue ?
  61. Freedom to Arm
  62. Human Beings what do we want?
  63. Superiority complex.
  64. Pride, is it good?
  65. Biotech-Halal or Haram?
  66. Is cursing okay?
  67. How do we accept gays and lesbians?
  68. Good Deeds of Barisan Nasional
  69. To those who like to Kutuk the government
  70. Role of Government in Tertiary Education
  71. Are women the fairer sex?
  72. Effort vs Result
  73. The phenomenom of cool
  74. Violence in the media
  75. Inspirational Story for Muslims
  76. Does the media govern your life?
  77. Is Democracy really Democratic?
  78. Anwar Ibrahim on BBC HARDTalk
  79. Gossip = bad habit ?
  80. Model Race for the World?
  81. Is there a LIMIT to Malay rights?
  82. mass media in uni
  83. IPTA and IPTS
  84. Driving With Handfree Mobile Phone Is Still Dangerous?
  85. Sothinathan Suspended
  86. Are Women Bad Drivers?
  87. public toilets in malaysia
  88. MP3 Sharing Over The Net
  89. a new nationalism?
  90. Non-flamming discussion on MENJ
  91. Migration
  92. gender equality? we've been duped, guys!
  93. KTM
  94. A new twist on the Moon.
  95. Nickname being Misused
  96. Parents being too protective, staid?!
  97. muslim nose job
  98. should handphones be allowed in school ?
  99. Movies and religion
  100. Atheism & Theism
  101. do chinese non muslims believe in life after death?
  102. islam and non arabs!!
  103. Nominations for PM
  104. Books and Internet which is better 4 Students?
  105. kissing in public? yay or nay?
  106. RM50 to recheck a SPM paper, too costly??
  107. Reluctant Debator
  108. hello
  109. Did anyone say CHEATING in exam?
  110. Israel and Lebanon war
  111. Consumption of Pork: Social and Religious Perspective
  112. Muhammad, Jesus and the Khinzir. Religion Permitted.
  113. The right of Equality / The right of Freedom??
  114. Most logical religion
  115. Spoon feeding
  116. Should Malaysia ban smoking?
  117. execution: what is your opinion?
  118. Pornography reduces rape!
  119. Affirmative action in the USA
  120. Safety VS Freedom
  121. Manglish Forum codes?
  122. Articles for boring days. Create your own news.
  123. If you're not cheating, then you're not trying
  124. Sodomy laws, repealed or maintained?
  125. Does Rainbow have infinite colours?
  126. persuasion is better than force
  127. Missing baby
  128. Legalisation of prostitutions : Agree or disagree??
  129. Should medical research prolong human's life?
  130. Contentment is the greatest wealth?
  131. Engineers VS Medical doctors
  132. Issit acceptable for guys to have piercings???
  133. Tattoo
  134. hypocrisy is a social virtue
  135. CCTV in Schools!
  136. Forgotten hot topics
  137. How much should petrol price be?
  138. Hate people smoking!
  139. Charge for the use of plastic bags? Does it work?
  140. Botox is haram?
  141. Whites. Are they really that supreme?
  142. Should genes be patented?
  143. Scholarships: To what extent should income be considered?
  144. Why are lawyers in Malaysia paid poorly?
  145. JPA Scholarship: A Waste of Tax Payers' Money?
  146. General Knowledge: Should we only learn for interviews or is it a lifelong process?
  147. Unfair for people to get 2 scholarships at a time?
  148. What are the highest paying job?the answer goes here!
  149. Woman makes better teacher than man.
  150. Scholarship Holders Getting Bankrupt?
  151. Scenario: Scholarships Pulled Back in 5 Years Due To Rising Prices
  152. Students Getting Smarter or Papers Becoming Easier
  153. Yes or No to QUOTAS
  154. How to survive with RM1500 monthly?
  155. Favoritism
  156. How to treat your pets?
  157. Do you believe in superstitions?
  158. Should rapist be castrated???
  159. Conjugal Visit...YES or NO ???
  160. To be weird or normal?
  161. Photography is no longer factual!!
  162. Scholarships. Who really deserves it?
  163. Is one mobile phone sufficient?
  164. Where to go, SPM-leavers?
  165. Which career is will be demand in Malaysia and Asia in future(2010 and above)?
  166. Are parents pessimistic or are we dreamers?
  167. We should do what we should or what we like?
  168. Does excellent result equals professional course?
  169. Got Milk? Why Not Bank It?
  170. Is a blog good for the freedom of expression? If so, has it been abused?
  171. unveil the truth 8tv
  172. Advancement in future.
  173. Respect and Knowledge - The Abused Excuses?
  174. Debate: Marijuana Yes or No?
  175. Caesarean or Natural delivery
  176. Gay Relationship?
  177. Discussion: Ethical Issues to Genetically Engineering Humans.
  178. Debate: Money the root of all devil?
  179. Human Trafficking
  180. Vegetarian
  181. Discussion: IQ Vs. EQ
  182. Debate: Life is Fair?
  183. Debate: Form 6 is still the best way to get in to IPTA today?
  184. Given a choice, would you work in Malaysia?
  185. Debate: Would you like to live in the past or the present?
  186. Debate: Which came first, chickens or chicken eggs?
  187. Debate: Should we condone the use of l33t speak/Manglish/SMS language?
  188. Debate: Is Internal Security Act a necessity in this modern world?
  189. Discussion: Work over study
  190. Are Malaysians too narrow minded?
  191. Do you think JPA scholarships (and similar) should not be awarded to SPM leavers?
  192. Education: Liberal or Specialised
  193. Discussion: ATTITUDE: We Are In Charge.
  194. Killing the Buddha
  195. Discussion: distorted college management
  196. Literate women Vs better mothers
  197. FORM 6 schedule tiring?
  198. Is 'Malaysia Today' sub-forum a snapshot of...
  199. Discussion: Free news? Stolen news?
  200. Facebook and A Thing Called Privacy
  201. Is there such a thing as a happy ending?
  202. Discussion: The secret in 'THE SECRET' is the key of success
  203. Government's websites are better than they used to?
  204. Debate: Minimum CGPA requirement of Scholars
  205. Revealing the Private Information of a Student
  206. Discussion: Does the Internet brings more harm than good?
  207. Debate: Will GP extinct as a result of introducing 1Malaysia Clinic?
  208. Why must you look for a JOB after graduation?
  209. doctor career!!
  210. Help: Am i turning gay :S ?
  211. Debate: Be an egg donor in exchange for money.
  212. Letter of Complaint
  213. Should Mandatory Death Sentence Be Abolished?
  214. Discussion: Work VS Leisure
  215. Discussion: Should we raise our children the 'Tiger Mother' way?
  216. Competition between different type of degree holders
  217. Debate: Nuclear Energy Plant In Malaysia.
  218. Info: The Star - ESU Public Speaking Workshop & Competition
  219. The future of nuclear power
  220. Discussion: Dengue awareness
  221. Fun: New traffice light??
  222. Help: Bullying and friends issue
  223. 48/2(9+3) = ?
  224. Judas by Lady Gaga - Offensive or not?
  225. Debate: The Quality of PILN / PIDN result 2011.
  226. Info: Why God and the Bible does not Condemn Homosexuality
  227. Survey: Liberal Recom?
  228. Capitalism; Broken but necessary(?)
  229. Is there true altruism in this world?
  230. is football betting legal in malaysia?