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10-04-2011, 08:35 AM
Recently Pure Life Societies have a new basketball coach and currently the orphanage is looking for people to help out in the following areas or positions and those who are interested in the following position kindly email Maxima_ckw_86@<hidden> for more details

1. Computer Tutors

Currently the orphanage has a number of computers but however there is no tutor to teach the children to operate or play with the computers thus the orphanage is now looking for a person who meets the following requirement :

- Had qualification on IT would be preferred or someone who had other qualification but are keen to do his homework to accommodate for the teaching of the children

- Willing to commit himself to the orphanage to teaching of children for at least one complete course of computing learning would be excellent.

- Had knowledge on setting up of computer lab

If you do meet the requirement kindly PM me with your Real name and contact number, if you do not have the transport please make an arrangement with me If you need a partner or helper to help you out i am ready to help you

2. Experienced Counselor

Currently some of the orphans there are behaving negatively due to their poor family background, some are from broken families while others are under privilege making them behave negatively and seems to lose hope in life thus results in poor academic performance and not being able to discipline themselves. Thus the orphanage would like to have volunteer from Experienced Counselor to guide the children, if you have meet the following requirement please do not hesitate to contact me :

- At least 2 years experience in counseling preferably children

- Willing to commit himself to the orphans

- Friendly and approachable personality

For this position you might be required to come in at a time at your convenience but however on a regular basis E.g 3-5 times a week. If you are willing to commit kindly PM me with your Real name and contact number so that an interview could be arrange, for this position the orphanage is willing to compensate you with payment which are to be discuss later

3. Child Facilitator

Currently the society is having problem of insufficient caretaker to the children, thus the orphanage would like to hire a number of caretaker in which they called Housemother, if you are happy with the requirement below kindly PM me with your real name and contact number

- Retired Person Preferably Women

- Happy to deal with children and care for children

- At least have a Diploma, this is to ensure that the children will be care for under a caretaker who can instill education value to children under her care.

- Willing to work on shift ( Morning 12 pm- 8 pm Shift) , (Night 8pm- 8am Shift)

- For this position the orphanage is willing to paid you a salary if you are selected

For all the above position if you are interested kindly email Maxima_ckw_86@<hidden> with your real name and contact number so that we can called and make an arrangement to interview you
Thank you:)