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18-08-2006, 11:46 AM
i have 2 good ones here.

from capablanca:

capablanca was unbeaten in americas and so he went to europe to further his killing. he does his usual slaugthering of opponents at touraments until he met one opponent who at near endgame beams with a big smile and proudly announced, "i am going to checkmate u in 3 moves". capablanca look steely at his opponent replied, "son i am going to checkmate u in 2!".

from paul morphy:

paul morphy, another chess genius, was playing with another fellow american where after many moves, the opponent was stumped. in those days, there was no time limit and so morphy waited and waited, he stands up, walk around the room, he sits down again but the opponent still has not move. finally after close to an hour of waiting, morphy couldnt stand anymore and ask the opponent gently "excuse me but when are you going to move?" the opponent replied, "huh? i thought it was your move.."