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11-03-2008, 01:02 PM
Hey people(especially students from INTEC ):

There's be an IE club caring week organized after the school holidays.With activities such as blood donation drive, recycling campaign, charity sales and a visit to Charis Home, it is time for fellow Intecians to put aside the thick tomes on your tables and be involved in promoting charity in our beloved college!

Time: 17th t0 24th March
Venue: Within the vicinity of INTEC

Will keep this thread updated if i have extra infos about it.

17-03-2008, 10:52 PM

I'm in the organizing committee for the Caring Week. It is unexpected to see a thread for Caring Week here. So I am more than happy to supply extra information, although in actuality we are already one day into the program.

We kicked off today (17 March 2008) with a Blood Drive from 9 am to 4 pm, in Dewan Beringin (Fakulti Pendidikan). Hospital personnels are from the National Blood Bank in Hospital KL, so I assure you that they are highly professional.

We had an amazing turn out: approximately 130 new registers and 97 donors (some didn't make the weight, minimum sleep, Blood Pressure, menstrual period, medication requirements- hence the lower number of donors compared to the "registries") were recorded...

But we do have 37 pending registered cases. There are more who are interested who have yet to donate (I am one of them!), thus the Hospital is sending more staff, and we will be extending this blood drive TOMORROW (Tuesday, 18 March 2008), same place same time to accommodate those whom are eager to donate but have not gotten a chance today.

Do come and support!

At the same time, we will be having a Charity Bazaar at the Blue Roof Avenue in front of INTEC Great Hall tomorrow (18 March) from 12 noon to 2.30 pm. It is a joint project by several clubs (namely, IE, Fa-C, ISPEG, PSC etc) and KoPLN groups. There will be plenty of food and different merchandises sold, and we have taken pains to make sure you will not encounter the same few food in the various stalls; that is to say, you won't find ice blended drinks in the menu of more than one stall.

That day itself we will also be collecting any old newspapers or aluminum or plastic or glass that you wish to recycle in the residential colleges. Drop by the designated areas (you will see IE committees there- like in Cemara Hall for Cemara students) and deposit of your 'waste products' (in the most innocent of connotations, I assure you), we will take care of them for you.

Last but not least, after a three day reprieve (I believe no one wishes to work on the Public Holiday and it will be troublesome to do activities on the Holy Day of Muslim Prayers), we will end with a trip to Charis Home on Saturday, 8 am to 3 pm. Feel free to bring anything that you might wish to donate... Priority will be given to IE members naturally, but if you are feeling free and benevolent and wish to stock up on good merits, do join us! We welcome everyone and will not discriminate~ we already do have an exchange student from Yemen in the midst of the magnanimous spirits!

All in all, this event is aimed to allow students a shot at doing something good. In this competitive world, we constantly battle to be the best. There is nothing wrong with trying to be the best you can, but we must not forget the less fortunate too. Therefore, it is our aim that we create men out of the boys and women out of the girls- mature individuals who realize the importance of striving for their dreams while maintaining a sense of compassion and humanity.

What are you waiting for? Join us!


Organizing committee,
Elizabeth (ATU 14)

19-03-2008, 06:07 PM
wow.. i'm impressed!! so far in INTEC last time i'd never seen such actvity being held large scale. kudos to you guys!!!

20-03-2008, 01:44 PM
wow.. i'm impressed!! so far in INTEC last time i'd never seen such actvity being held large scale. kudos to you guys!!!

Actually, we did a whole lot of crazy stuff last year also.

For example, one of the most sucesful activity that I have ever organzied is ICS Week(Intec's Clubs' and Societies' Week.)It was hard for the inexperienced but i would say no one in the organizing committe regretted doing it!

Hope to see the juniors continue on with the spirit!

21-03-2008, 01:33 AM
wow.. i'm impressed!! so far in INTEC last time i'd never seen such actvity being held large scale. kudos to you guys!!!

Problem with large scale activities, some tend to fail. haha.

the food fair was quite literally a flop, unfortunately. the clubs weren't so prepared... perhaps we shouldn't have given the clubs such a free reign. i thought the hi-comm of the clubs will be excellent organizers... ah well. prob exams and stuff interfered. i know im dead tired from running up and down.

luckily recycling campaign went rather well despite the lack of publicity. and the trip apparently garnered 42 volunteers (though how we are going to stuff them all in one bus mystifies me, i hope the project coordinator work sth out- charis home is not that near INTEC)

haha. to live is to learn, to fail is to learn. to learn is to not repeat the same mistakes again. haha.