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30-03-2008, 11:09 AM
The 3rd World Sudoku Championship 2008 to be held in Goa, India from 14th to 17th April 2008. As of now, there is still no participant from Malaysia.

For the Polish International Sudoku Championship held last year, 1 Malaysian participated in it and did very well and was placed 25 out of 207 participants. Syabas.

Mr. Balasingam, from Sudoku Event Management (www.sudoku.com.my) will be able to help you register. Do respond here and I'll link you to him. Closing date is 5th of April 2008.

It would be great if there is any Sudoku Enthusiast among ReComers who would be interested to take part. Do go for it!

As there is no national tournament in Malaysia for last year, you will participate as an individual, rather than as representing Malaysia. But it is a great opportunities to challenge the world's best.

I do have the pdf file of last year's 2nd World Sudoku Championship 2007 in Prague, Czech Republic. However, the file size is too big. If you are interested, just leave a message here and I'll email you.

29-05-2009, 12:31 PM
Check http://www.domo-sudoku.com

if you want to train your brain with challenging sudoku puzzles. You can also add sudoku widgets to your blog. It is a very good site to prepare for the sudoku championship and all games are available in English, Spanish and French.:))

31-05-2009, 11:31 AM
Let's just say that the evil level in that website is still too trivial.

If you want harder evil level, try http://websudoku.com
That's the website I use to train my sudoku skill.