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20-04-2008, 10:20 PM
Quoted from the Star (20 April 2008)

"Trinity College, Australia, will be holding its Young Leader Summer School from July 6 to 18, and Dec 1 to 14.

The Young Leaders Summer School attracts students from around Australia and the world. Participants get to experience personal and academic development as well as the chance to enjoy college life.

The academic programme is specially designed to allow students approach learning from a critical and contextual perspective as they participate in activities led by experienced teachers, both in and out of the classroom.

These activities include forums, workshops and projects to hone leadership and communication skills.

Students can opt for either the science or creative thinking stream, both of which offer a variety of engaging educational activities.

Other highlights include a rock climbing challenge, city scavenger hunts, and a weekend camp where students get to enjoy an Aussie bush dance.

Those interested can find more about the programme from the Director of Summer Schools, Vincent Ramos, during this visit to Malaysia next week.

For details, call JM Education Counselling Centre at 03-56334732."