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22-04-2008, 10:35 AM
Hello guys,
We need a person who fulfills the following to make a TV show starting mid June to mid August. You will not be paid for the TV show as it will be done to benefit the National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

You must be Chinese
You must speak and read Chinese well (basically a Chinese educated Chinese)
You must have parental consent, or if you are above 21, you don't need parental consent.
You can be male or female but not neither (sorry)

Oh, and should mention that the show entails cycling from KL to Beijing for the Olympics.

And, we are looking for someone who wants to do it, will not give up at trying. Whether you think you can do it or not is not important. Just about everyone can do it, its just all in the head.

So, shoot me an email, tzuohann@<hidden> or MSN tzuohann@<hidden>

And, please do ask questions here. Will check back often.

Coz its so going to kick ass.
Don't worry about technical preparation, physical preparation, thats taken care of. Just get that parental consent thing, and ask yourself if you want to go have an amazing adventure.

And, if you know anyone who might be able to do this, do let me know as well. Forward them the link to this forum, whatever!

oh and do tell other people if they are up for it.
we need nutjobs basically! :)

22-04-2008, 11:04 AM
what mst we do actually??

22-04-2008, 11:11 AM
start in KL, cycle up to Beijing and spend less than 15 ringgit a day.
There is a lot more purpose to it, but time is short. Basically, its for charity. We are trying to raise a lot of money and to send out a good message to the masses.

Chances are, it will be both the hardest and best thing ever for the person who hops over that line and says "Why not?"

Its all expenses paid.

Keep asking!

22-04-2008, 12:34 PM
May I know why is it restricted to chinese educated chinese?

22-04-2008, 01:19 PM
Any specifics of the trip? As in which countries are you cycling through from KL to Beijing and in what order? How many participants are you looking for? Where do they sleep at night? Camping out?

(Sounds exciting. Quite tempted and might join if I have nothing on for summer. Getting my parents' consent would be a hell lot of headache though especially since I'm a girl. Not that I won't be 21 by June.... XD)

22-04-2008, 01:20 PM
I used to cycle a lot but my bike is broken now.. Will the sponsors provide bikes or we'll have to "self-provide"? What will happen after we reached Beijing? How do we come back here? cycling also? and which TV we'll be on?

am I asking too much questions? :p

22-04-2008, 02:37 PM
why is it limited to Chinese only? Is it for a Chinese TV station?

22-04-2008, 04:04 PM
youngyew and alepbing.

chinese only for fundraising and viewership reasons. i suppose i can be smarter and not mention it and then to filter interested people based on that reason, but i have no time to be politically correct like that. i'll address the nonsense in this country as it is.

discussion on this should go to malaysiatoday actually. sad fact that i hate myself. this thread is more for a tv show, nothing more.

and yes, the tv has a high chinese viewership


exactly 1 more person. no more than that. male or female does not matter. sleep at night? yes, camping out would be a very tame way of describing what the two people will have to do to survive on such a low budget.

the sponsors will provide most likely, but i would recommend that the participant provides equipment for self. its not too expensive. its the type of experience money won't buy. and you build a relationship with the stuff you use, bike especially. and the next question with be how much will thing cost... minimum RM1500, max RM 5000 for the whole thing.

keep asking.
email me tzuohann@<hidden> for questions like the first one.

safety wise, i can assure, its very, very safe. loads of girls have done trips like this.... ALONE.

23-04-2008, 08:59 PM
May i know how many people are included in the journey currently? (?male+?female)What's their age range? Or are there just two people cycling to Beijing? Is there an official website for a clearer details about this event? What's the name of the TV? Are the tv crews going to follow them the whole journey? What's the specific preparation that need to be done if we were to join? When is the deadline? (because i'm unable to get the consent currently) What are the expenses paid? Who is the sponsor? Do we have to fund the cost (minimum RM1500, max RM 5000) ourselves? really safety wise? May i know to what extend can you assure? How do we come back here? I'm sorry for asking so many questions as i have to get more information in order to increase the chance of getting the consent.

25-04-2008, 06:08 PM

I have just finish reading your whole blog and found the above post. Do hope that i can manage to join the above ride prior to the next journey, if possible, after finish my other applications, because all the academic stuff is to be done around May and June.

Is there any other specific landmark around to reach the Chinese Kwang Tung Association? I just manage to find this site about it.



29-04-2008, 07:46 PM
chess the world,
you are right about that picture.
just shoot me an email or call me about the ride.

the stuff for TV is closed!


29-04-2008, 08:07 PM
Tzuo Hann, you mean you want the thread closed?

30-04-2008, 12:13 AM
Even if the stuff for tv is gone, may i know is the Beijing ride still going on?

Do they really push the stuff aside? It's such a TOTAL WASTE. NEGLIGENCE... argh...... If the tv will not be holding the program, we can still fund money for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia via other mass media, right? There are still many around that i'm sure would be okay to lend a little help. May be the sponsor from one organization alone won't help much, but we can still try to ask others around. Though small to some, it contributes immensely to the project. "Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit".

well.. i'm definitely not that fancy about being in the limelight, because sometimes it may deviate from the real purpose. But if it's for charity, why not? If no media at all to spread the word, we can still keep the ride going just for adventure, for experience, for exploration, right? It would be so amazing if we could have a taste of the life and culture of the countries that will be gone through. I just can't believe it to be closed just like that.

It's not that i can 100% sure to join, because i'm still trying to figure out the consent thingy and the time that can be taken out amidst the application stuff, but isn't it a waste to abandon a useful project just like this?

If i could join though, it's not that i'm physically tough enough to encounter any maybe circumstances that i may not be able to handle, but at least we can give it a try. I just don't see there's anything that could stop such a great ride from keep going.

ohh...wait a minute. closed? or have you actually recruit the right person and need no other people now?

I'm getting mad right now. huuu.... calm down.

May i know what do you mean by 'closed'?

The stuff for tv is closed?
the thread?
the ride?
the opportunity?
the charity?
the amazing project?
the once-in-a-life-time marvelous experience?

oh god. how can it be...

okay.... i'm just eager to know the answer..

30-04-2008, 09:51 AM
Hello guys,

You can be male or female <b>but not neither (sorry)</b>

lol. i found this amusing. haha.....

and whatttt? the tv stuff is CLOSEd? i only saw this thread like yesterday...

30-04-2008, 03:57 PM
First, there's a ride introduced.
Second, a number of questions raised.
Next, uncertainty aroused.
Then, it was abruptly called off???
Right before the final part where I haven't manage to clear off the clueless mind to even start off the topic with my parents.

Which tv is it exactly? They would have missed out something very lofty to be achieved.
Where's its accountability? CAT.... capabality, accountability, transparity .......
How's the plan been going on exactly? We can try to persuade more. I'm very sure they will be unable to say no to it.
What make it closed? No way!
What's the deal to be solved? Nothing is impossible.

money? It's not an expensive travelling afterall. Outdoor tent and some simple meal will be more than enough. By the way, it's for charity.

sponsor? If they are not going to continue it, let's just find others. There is still about half and a month to go. I'm quite free, except mid-may and end of the June. Even there are only 24 hours left, I'm sure we can still make it.

people? Have anybody been recruited? I don't think it's a big deal.

time? Never will it be.

technical? Ok, i seriously have no idea about this. I once have one of the pedals off in the middle of the road while cycling home back from tuition. Great, and i need to half-cycle half walking to home with the one pedal left. I wonder what happened to the bolts and nuts. I just don't get it. Fine, i still get back on time for my dinner anyway.

physical? ah..... exercise will do.

IMO, this thing is undoubtedly much, much more meaningful than carrying a torch and run for 200 meters. Well. don't you think so, guys? Are they actually really serious about it???

By the way, I have just come across a news article few days ago, featuring the 4th Malakoff charity ride that is opened to the public for the first time. Before that, those participants are usually just the employees of the company. The deadline is 30th April (TODAY!!!) and anybody who is interested can call Endie Tuffile at 012-3998884 or email endie.tuffile@<hidden>. (Hurry up!!) I have just emailed them and waiting for their reply. It will be 480km long and they are aiming to raise at least 6milliom this year. Anybody joining?

UPDATED: tzuohann, is there anything you think there's a lacking of to make it a success? Do you need any help?

30-04-2008, 05:30 PM
the ride is still pending. the offer to be on TV is closed.

the tv dun want to be too known until its sure its going to do it. and given the short time frame, thats why it can't be an open audition etc.

chess, because TV wants to do this in conjucntion with olympics, time is the most bugging issue. i also need to move on with my life since i am not getting paid at all for this, including this beijing project. i hope it will happen, but if it doesn't i have to settle down before working on anything else.

join this faecbook group.

i hope it will become a portal for ppl to do stuff with hands, and like it clearly states, absolutely no fundraising. its about volunteerism


and join that taiping to kl ride, hasut ppl to join. it will be a lot of fun

02-05-2008, 10:47 PM
Oops.. i get what you mean. ahh.... the tv doesn't matter that much in deciding whether the trip to be on or not afterall....

Anyway, i'm inspired to go for interview for my may-be-first-job today, feeling uncomfortable to ask money from parents for the trip. Too bad i couldn't get it, work-2-months-and-go didn't sounds good to them. Permanent worker would be more preferable. Trying other means to earn money... searching through the star, jobstreets, newspaper... looking for competitions too... will tell you guys when i manage to get some. wish me lucks. =)

another app result to be out tomorrow... nervous.... argh......

05-05-2008, 05:29 PM
Tzuo Hann, you mean you want the thread closed?

and how can that be done?
i do have a couple of threads to close.

05-05-2008, 05:30 PM
The admins / moderators can close threads that have served its purpose.

05-05-2008, 09:56 PM
Is the expedition still on?