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23-05-2008, 11:12 PM
Hey, Raleigh International KL Introduction Weekend is back!

Taken from their blog:

Embark on a Raleigh International Expedition

Community projects on a Raleigh International Expedition bring some of the greatest opportunities and rewards, and for many it can be the highlight of a lifetime.

On an Expedition you will be able to immerse yourself in a totally different way of life from the one you live at home. You will gain an understanding of different cultures and the importance placed on this identity by the community.

Not just a passing tourist?

The length of time you spend in the community means that you are not simply a passing tourist. Instead, you will interact with the community in a variety of ways allowing you to become part of the day to day life. Often, the most simple connections get the best reactions, such as playing Simon Says, teaching English in the local school, learning to cook traditional dishes, organising sports days - the opportunities are endless.

Community Project

Here's the challenge?

In addition to all this however, you will also have the challenge and excitement of your main project to work. Here?s just a taster: Imagine yourself in the depths of Sabah working to provide homes for families with no current accommodation and those living in substandard conditions. In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, you and Raleigh International will drive the house projects ahead by providing time, expertise, equipment and tools needed to safely and properly complete the homes. These projects will encourage community involvement and understanding, as well as build cross cultural relationships, raise awareness of poverty and make a marked difference to the lives of individual families.

Environmental Phase

Maybe Costa Rica is more your thing. Cosiguina Volcano is the sight of the largest volcanic eruption in the history of the Americas and today the area is protected as a National Park. Around the Volcano there are a number of communities that are living in extreme poverty, with few facilities and opportunities. One of the biggest challenges facing the local people is access to clean water and safe sanitation. You will be working with the local communities to build 200 latrines and to repair water sources such as wells. The benefits of improved sanitation services will be felt by many generations to come.

Adventure Phase

Whatever you choose to do, if you're looking for adventure and the chance to work on sustainable community and environmental projects in some of the most remote places in the world, look no further than Raleigh International.

We are having our Raleigh International KL Introduction Weekend coming up on 13 - 15 June 2008.

To qualify as a Venturer, you have to be between 17-25 years of age, speak basic English and able to swim 200m unaided. This Introduction Weekend is designed to simulate the rigours and challenges you will face on expedition. Interested individuals can drop an e-mail to iwjun08[at]raleighinternational.org.my for registration forms.

For more info:

Contact :
Li Vyen +60 12 5300 281
Su Lan +60 16 345 9283
Christal +60 16 411 5335
e: iwjun08[at]raleighinternational.org.my
b: http://rikl.blogspot.com/
w: http://www.raleighinternational.org.my/

I highly recommend joining this event. It's one of those decisions I've never regretted. Although I have yet to become a Venturer, being a member itself is already a rewarding experience.

05-06-2008, 11:16 PM
hello there.=)I'm interested in this programme.

mind share with me more abt:
1. Specifically, what they ask you to do last time during your introduction weekend?
2. how did u raise the fund for this programme last time?
3. Is it a must that one have to know how to swim in order to take up this programme? will they ask us to swim during IW?

thanks in advanced:-)

08-06-2008, 01:50 AM
Hey, sorry for the late reply. I'm outstation at the moment. I'm not sure what you meant by your first question when you say 'asked'. If you mean the post-Introweek projects we do, my group did a Turtle watching programme with WWF Malaysia-Melaka.

Question 3, in the Introweekend, they don't ask you to swim, but it's best if you are comfortable in water as the hikes we do go through rivers and streams. Not being able to swim is not really an issue until you go for an expedition.

As for question 2, like I mentioned, I'm not a Venturer yet and have not signed up for an expedition. No worries though, the people at Raleigh are very supportive in this activity. One venturer I know went up the KL tower blindfolded to raise funds.

If you have any other questions, it's best that you direct them to their email address:

You'll probably receive a faster and more complete reply as I'll still be away for quite awhile.
All the best!