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02-07-2008, 02:55 PM
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The Green Living SIG is now entering its 3rd year of existence and active participation in MNS outreach work! I would like to invite other volunteers and members to join the Green Living SIG Sub-Committee so that there will be a greater diversity of ideas and opinions and opportunity for a change of leadership.

The SIG Coordinator?s duties include:
1. Coming up with a monthly article for the Green Living column in the Pencinta Alam newsletter.

2. Responding to members? inquiries on environmental practices and choices.

3. Assisting members who wish to initiate Recycling / 3R programmes at their workplaces / educational institutions.

4. Setting up a Green Living exhibition and activity booth during MNS events (for example, Members? Day, Raptor Watch, Kota Damansara Community Forest Merdeka Celebrations) and environment-themed events conducted by other organisations for which MNS has been invited to set up booths and coordinate activities (for example, The Star ? FRIM World Environment Day, Garden International School?s Malaysian Animal Awareness Day).

5. Delivering talks and presentations at MNS events (for example, New Members? Day) and non-MNS events (for example, National Recycling Week).

6. Conducting and coordinating educational programmes such as the Green Living Eco Kids Camp (at KDCF and Bukit Gasing) and as a tie-in with other MNS activities and events such as the Marine SIG?s seahorse monitoring trip at the Pulai River Estuary.

7. Preparing reference and resource materials for use by consumers, students and laypersons (for example, the Green Living handbook and the 3R poster-handout prepared at the request of the Ministry of Housing and Local Govt in conjunction with the National Recycling Week).

8. Representing MNS and the Green Living SIG at conferences and forums (for example, the Sustainable Living in Malaysia Conference 2007 and the CETDEM CACCET project).

9. Preparing multimedia presentations for talks and delivering the presentations at the premises of corporate bodies and community groups.

10. Planning and preparing games, contests and activities (for example, the 3R Game, the Climate Change Action Survey) that will further the cause of environmental education among members of the public.

11. Raising funds through donations (for example, through the sale of used books) and through speaking engagements and activities conducted for corporations and social clubs.

Please join the Sub-Committee if you:
1. Are able to contribute to any of the above, both as an initiator and a volunteer.

2. Have ideas on how to improve Green Living?s management, operation and service.

3. Read widely on environmental issues and have articles to contribute.

4. Are creative and can design and create charts, posters, display/ educational materials or Powerpoint presentations.

5. Enjoy public speaking and can render talks and presentations on environment-related topics to a largely lay audience, including during other SIGs? trips and events.

6. Are able to assist community or school groups in kickstarting their own Green Living projects, contests and campaigns.

7. Have administrative skills and are willing to assist with correspondence, financial records and minutes of meetings, if any.

8. Are able to plan trips for MNS members, ?recce? proposed destinations (e.g. organic farms, eco resorts etc) and coordinate the trip.

The Green Living SIG will not be holding meetings unless when training or preparation is necessary for a trip or event. All discussions will take place by e-mail, and all decisions will be made with the consensus of all sub-committee members. There is no compulsion for any sub-committee member to attend any event, volunteer for any activity or meet any deadlines. All duties will be undertaken in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation and if any sub-committee member is indisposed or overburdened, all others will step in to assist.

Please send me the following details if you are interested in joining the Sub-Committee:

1. Your full name. 2. Telephone number(s) 3. E-mail address(es)

Thank you for your concern for the environment!

Ee Lynn - For the Green Living SIG