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14-11-2009, 09:40 PM
Raleigh KL organizes Introduction Weekend Dec 2009
3 days 2 nights camping event to prepare enthusiastic youths for local and international expeditions

When shopping, movies and clubbing sound too ordinary to you, why not try on something more challenging and enticing?

Youth development NGO, Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur will be organizing an Introduction Weekend (IW) from 18 to 20 December 2009. All Malaysian youths aged 17 to 24 are welcomed to join us at the 3 days 2 nights camping event.

Introduction Weekend serves as a prerequisite and training ground for potential Raleigh International Expedition Venturers. During the Introduction Weekend, participants will be exposed to different skills and activities that are similar to experiencing an expedition.

What is an expedition?
Being a UK-based charity, Raleigh International inspires youths from all backgrounds and nationalities to discover their potential by working together on adventure, community and environmental projects. The 10 week long expedition is an eye opener for youths to meet people with different backgrounds and work in challenging conditions.

Since 1984, over 300 Malaysian youths have been taking part in Raleigh International Expeditions, be it local or international. Even HRH Prince William went to a Chile Expedition in 2000 as part of his gap year.

Expedition countries this year include Costa Rica / Nicaragua, India, and Sabah. The next expedition will take place in February 2010.

Who is eligible to join IW?
If you are between the age of 17 to 24 and is able to converse in English, do not miss the opportunity to meet up with other youths who share the common interests as you. Participants are preferably able to swim 200 meters unaided. A minimal fee of RM 50 will be charged, which covers insurance, transportation, food and accommodation expenses over the weekend.
Adventurous and outgoing youths who are interested to join IW may send your enquiry to iwdec09@<hidden> and you will be attended shortly. Application forms can be requested through email or downloaded directly from our blog http://www.raleighinternational.org.my (http://www.raleighinternational.org.my/) , closing date for this IW is 30th November 2009. You may also contact Woon Chin at 012-6614978 or Hui Yein(Dino) at 012-686 3457 should you require further information on IW or Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur.
We look forward to meeting young and vibrant adventure enthusiasts at the event!
For more information about local projects and expeditions organized by Raleigh International KL, kindly log on to our official website www.raleighinternational.org.my (http://www.raleighinternational.org.my/)

About Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur
Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur (Raleigh KL) is a registered non-profit organization (Reg. 1212) based in the Klang Valley. The Support Group?s uniqueness comes from it being established and run exclusively by ex-Raleigh International Expedition Venturers and Staff.

The main aim of Raleigh KL is to facilitate the process of Malaysian Venturers and Staff participating on local and overseas expeditions. Raleigh KL provides support in terms of administration, vaccinations, purchase of equipment, etc. In fulfilling the fourth challenge, Raleigh KL also carries out various adventure, community and environmental projects locally.

For media enquiries, kindly contact:

Chong Poh-E
012 697 3746
PR Officer
Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur

14-11-2009, 11:47 PM
Hey I joined the June one.
Peeps, this is seriously seriously good. And I don't usually advertise for anyone but this is an exception...

Hope you all take the opportunity to join! You will never regret it!

15-11-2009, 04:11 AM
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02-12-2009, 09:13 PM
Good news for everyone!

Still have your IW form saved in your pc? You still have time to send it out, but hurry!

The IW deadline has been extended to 6th of December 2009 due to overwhelming response and request!

Feel free to forward the amazingly cool-looking poster to family, friends, colleagues, SPM candidates and anyone or everyone who might be interested!

For more information on registration procedure, please log on to http://www.raleighinternational.org.my/

Get Out There!

Best Regards,

IW Dec 09 Registration Team

09-01-2010, 03:52 PM
are there anymore activities later this month/early next month?

09-01-2010, 07:55 PM
are there anymore activities later this month/early next month?

Check out their website. there will be updates on activities.