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  1. ayjiahui
    if you are tight on finances: my advice is not to take the offer. save the money for uni because it doesn't really matter which board you get your A levels from. it's pretty much perceived the same way (with the exception of NUS).
  2. ayjiahui
    actually, i was awarded the ASEAN Pre-U scholarship.

    assuming you have the money to spend on pre-u AND university: personally to make a judgment if you should accept the offer or not, i have to know the type of student you are because Singapore is a great place but it really is not for everyone. in general, the stress level is high but it really depends what kind of student you are. if you are the type that is very active, who likes being involved in a million CCAs but has trouble focusing when it comes to the crunch then Singapore may not be for you. if you have unwavering focus then yes, by all means, come to Singapore and you will probably thrive in the environment.

    if you are looking purely for a challenge, then go ahead. Singapore is challenging but there is NO guarantee of succeeding. failure is eminent. success is slim. it is not impossible, just really really tough work. VJC is a great school. if you have the money, why not? it's a great school with amazing school spirit.
  3. lishing
    Greetings! i read your comments on a thread. You went to Singapore after Form 5 and currently in SAJC? that's what most people in malaysia would not do.. did you get a scholarship for that?
    for me, i've been accepted to VJC--no scholarship. i applied directly there. i'm still thinking whether to accept this offer or not. can you give me some ideas on how hard are hardships there and how stressful life is in singapore JC-s? or in your opinions, should i accept this?

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