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Conversation Between Nicholas92 and bubu24
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  1. bubu24
    hahas, okay, thank you very much
  2. Nicholas92
    I believe I did fill that in, yeah. Some people do choose to hide it but I wouldn't say it's the best idea...don't worry too much, the scholarships are given (or supposed to be given) based on merit, so need is not the biggest factor at play. I said I was already on ASEAN and I got JPA in the end anyway
  3. bubu24
    hello, can i ask a question? sorry to disturb u but last year when u apply for jpa, do u have a form called "borang pengesahan pendapatan keluarga"? did u fill in saying that u got college scholarships under "maklumat tanggungan keluarga"? I'm worried that i will be rejected by jpa because i fill in saying that i got college full scholarship. but it is only for pre-u

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