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Conversation Between xJing and erikanyam
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  1. xJing
    oh lol. It's okay. Don't be too upset about it. =)
    You still have a future. =)
  2. erikanyam
    xJing,you are right!I didn't get matrix even I appeal for it.Non-bumi is rock yea ><
  3. xJing
    Oh I see. Well, again, I speak based on experience kay, so each person will have a different experience.
    Most people only get either matrix or form 6. I was offered matrix, but I turned it down. For a non-bumi, the chances to get matrix is actually lowered lah, simply because you aren't a bumiputera. from your name, I'm assuming you're Chinese lah, so I'll tell you simply that my friends who are Chinese weren't successful in their appeal, while my Bumi and Malay friends were.
    And a lot of people actually do go to matrix. It's like their safety net while waiting for JPA.
  4. erikanyam
    no,I only got form 6.If I rayuan for matrix,my friends said the chance to get in the matrix college is very high.Nobody want the matrix.
  5. xJing
    Yeap I just replied it. =)
  6. erikanyam
    xJing,do you see my message?
  7. erikanyam
    hi.Why I cannot post something in the tomyam and nasi lemak forum?

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