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Conversation Between ayjiahui and lishing
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  1. lishing
    I just did Thanks in advance!
  2. ayjiahui
    please email me.
  3. lishing
    Hello ayjiahui, I was the one who asked you on how to own GP papers some time ago I'm currently struggling now, all thos previous posts you had on my wall is indeed indeed very true now. Being in Students' Council adds the burden. Anf VJ kids are extremely smart. :S Was intimidated by my results and zomg, I had never, never failed my tests before this but hahh....i need time to sink in the idea that I'm just not that smart.
    Just a question : It all seems hopeless to me now (I failed, FAILED my chemistry in promos--by 4 marks!) in terms of acad, but yeah apart from my results, what can I do to make it to Ivy Leagues or even prestigious universities in US/UK?
  4. lishing
    Thank you for your email =) I had sent the essay to you.
    Thank you in advance once again!
  5. ayjiahui
    adelynyeoh @
  6. lishing
    Hi, yes thank you for the revert. Can I have your email address pls so that i could send you my essay?
    ps : i think its better to send your email through a private mesg
  7. ayjiahui
    i'm not sure if i'm opening a pandoras box by telling you this but you might want to get your hands on the Raffles KS Bull. they've got good essays (and trust me it is very possible to write essays of that quality). check your school library. i know my library kept those.

    or you can download some of the issues here: http://www.*********.com/?oynum2jfnmm and
    http://www.*********.com/?mojz2nndezz and http://www.*********.com/?wztttjzm1zg

    the reason why i'm a bit reluctant in sharing is because people feel like they can't write like that and that's not very true. the other reason is because people start memorizing the examples used in those essays. the PROBLEM WITH THAT is that you cannot replicate examples in essay A in essay B although the essays may seem similar because most of the time the logic is erroneous. General Paper, you have to understand, is a paper based on a set of obtainable skills.

    you really, really HAVE to trust me on this.
  8. ayjiahui
    hmm, this is quite difficult to explain online but what your teacher said is quite right. you should try to give a context to what your essay will be based on. you can do this by identifying the demands of the question (subject, assumption and contention). i suggest you go for consultation with your teacher or send me one of your GP assignments and i'll tell you what you can work on.
  9. lishing
    Hello Jia Hui I am lishing and I am having problems with GP. How should we start a GP essay? What should be included in the introduction? My teacher said we should generalize our points, but how to generalize as we have to counter-propose the ideas towards the end? gosh..i'm confused @@
  10. ayjiahui
    hey! i can't remember the full list so i'll just tell you what they roughly cover: science & tech, politics, war & punishment, gender & equality, education, environment, family, culture, globalization.

    you could keep tabs on the economist -- they have pretty good data sometimes. but personally, i don't think that statistics will help you very much, though you could try. as in, when you argue and use statistics, sometimes it's very hard to make cogent arguments? but again, it's up to you and your style of writing/arguing.

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