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Conversation Between Johnivan and wcing
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  1. Johnivan
    Hi Wcing,

    It is true that they said that Singapore Scholars are not allowed to participate in SEP freely. However, if one really wants to join these overseas stuff, they either need to go through a tedious process of contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (which my friends went through hell), or just simply don't tell anyone (which I think is a bad idea).

    But for whatever reason, if you really got this scholarship, ACCEPT IT! This is probably the best one you can ever get, better than ASEAN actually.
  2. wcing
    Hello Johnivan,

    According to your post (,
    Singapore Scholars are NOT allowed to participate in SEP and that this agreement is stated clearly on the contract to be signed.

    I'm wondering if the policy remains the same since your batch? You sounded positive that we can't join SEP, but then again, you said your friends managed to join.....any idea how they did it?
    For someone who is eagerly looking to participate in SEP, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to accept the scholarship despite knowing that I won't be considered for SEP(although it's deemed a more valuable scholarship by most).

    Thanks in advance!

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