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Conversation Between Johnivan and maximR
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  1. Johnivan
    Hi MaximR,

    Sorry I just saw your message, you should have replied on my page, haha... Glad that you are inspired. I took 14 subjects when I was in SPM, and I got 12A1 1A2 1B3 last time. All you need to do is to work extra hard, then you will be able to score well. Just do your best.
  2. Johnivan
    Hi MaximR, thanks for your comment about my blog. There is a reason why I added the words "2003-2011 Syllabus".
  3. maximR
    Hi JohnIvan . Just to drop by to say that Further Maths T is renamed to Further Maths , and there's a major revamp in our STPM system , modular system . Please check MPM and see for yourself the changes , the new 2012 syllabus is posted already .

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