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Conversation Between Mirianchoo and lxy
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  1. lxy
    Ahh...okok. Thanks! Haha.
  2. Mirianchoo
    Sorry for the late reply, have been quite busy recently. The interview has hardly any medical-related questions and aims mainly to just assess your communication skills, critical thinking and personality. The questions are pretty simple like what are your weaknesses/strengths, what is your personality like, etc. The hard part might be a case study/IQ question. The case might be as such: You are a lecturer and your students want to give you an expensive holiday; do you accept or not? Funny IQ questions include give me 10 uses of a rubber band/pen/etc. Just dress well, answer confidently and see you in IMU! =)
  3. lxy
    Hey mirianchoo, so sorry to have to kacau you again, but a bunch of us are gonna have our IMU interview next month, so we're somewhat concerned. Haha. If it's not too much trouble, could you pls help us out a bit? What's the interview like? And how do we prepare for it?
  4. lxy
    I see I see. Thanks a lot for the info. Makes things somewhat clearer now. =)
  5. Mirianchoo
    Yup, the apartments are known as Vista Komanwel. =). We contact the landlords of the flats (each flat has its own landlord; private accommodation). You might be able to find advertisements for these flats online. It's true; each flat can accommodate 4/5 people, depending on whether you mind sharing. And yes, the rooms are air-conditioned. =)
  6. lxy
    lxy mean Vista Komanwel (at least I think that's what it's called)? Sounds like the rooms can fit about five people. O.O
    How do we rent them, as in thru whom? And erm, are they air-conditioned? Hahaha.
  7. Mirianchoo
    Yup, we rent our own apartments in IMU. The price for a whole flat might be around RM1400-1700. There is a master, middle and small room in each flat. =)
  8. lxy
    Hey mirianchoo (i have no idea if this is your name =/), some of my friends and myself were wondering about the accommodation in IMU, and I figured I'd try asking you, if you don't mind. =) Do we have to stay in hostels, or do we rent our own apartments, or...?
  9. lxy
    Ahh...I see. Nice to meet a senior too. =)
  10. Mirianchoo
    Oh, I don't think we have met. I was the CA transport coordinator for 2009. I just found out from the scholars database that you are an SPM 2009 leaver. When I left INTEC, that was when you entered to do your ALM. Nice to meet an ALM IMU twinning junior though.

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