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Conversation Between yiling and kaiyi
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  1. kaiyi
    I got PBU but i didnt APPLY for it. They just gave it to me as they're running out of budget giving scholarships to not straight As students from you-know-lar race. I applied for tajaan tambahan ivy league and got rejected. Bond of PBU is the same as the sponsorship. And for the paying back--yes, if you graduate with at least a second upper class of degree, you can apply for 75% discount *hooray*
    feel free to ask me if you have any questions ^^
  2. yiling
    hey, kaiyi. I was reading the tajaan tambahan thread and wanna ask something more from you. You got PBU but not tajaan tambahan ivy league right? How do u apply for PBU? the process is the same as the tajaan tambahan ivy league? There's a bond right for this PBU? I only know those PBU holder have to repay 25% of the loan, is it true? Thanks!

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