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Conversation Between starlover and Boyz_Zoo
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  1. starlover
    Sorry for the late reply. My finals start next week! Eep! I love being in Cardiff too. I've been to Germany, Belgium and Switzerland so far. I looooove Swiss, so beautiful and so freaking clean (and unfortunately, very expensive too =.=). You should consider visiting if you haven't already ;)
    Hope you enjoy (-ed?) your internship!
  2. Boyz_Zoo
    France is beautiful country. Studies are not always easy but traveling around europe is fun. I'm currently doing my internship at Grenoble, a city that is surrounded by mountains. You should see my facebook pic. It's really beautiful.
    How about you? been traveling around?
  3. starlover
    Yeah I'm good, I guess. Pharmacy isn't an easy path to take after all. ^^
    I believe yours is equally hard. How's France?
  4. Boyz_Zoo
    Hey hey hey!!!
    Long time no see. Ya, our generation of spammers have all become too busy to come to recom. I myself come during the scholarship season.
    Anyhow, how have you been doing?
  5. starlover
    Hey, randomly stopping by to say.. hi? Lol. I miss everyone! Can't believe it's been almost 4 years since spamming days
  6. starlover
    Done. If there's an incoming friend request with a profile picture that looks solemn and depressed, that's me.
  7. Boyz_Zoo
    Great minds, thinks alike.
    u cn search by d name of my e-mail address. easier.
  8. starlover
    OMG boyz how could it be that you totally understand me
    What's your fb name? I can be your friend.
  9. Boyz_Zoo
    u cn always control ur privacy settings mah. And stalking is caring. haha
  10. starlover
    I do have one now, but I'm not really that active. Fb is for stalking purposes only teehee
    Okay that's creepy. Lol.

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