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Conversation Between adele123 and themshunny
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  1. themshunny
    Hey again.when you applied for jpa,how did you show proof of the unconditional offer?because i applied through uac so there's no formal unconditional letter.
  2. adele123
    I am studying in ANU, actuarial. My intake was july's, i did applied mine abit later.

    Have you tried email or something? frankly, I dont know how to get to the right person in charge as well, maybe you should try bump-ing that thread up and hope others know the answer.
  3. themshunny
    Are you in ANU right now?when did u apply for urs?I heard it is only open in June/July,if that's the case then it'll be a problem for me bcos the intake is in Feb.
    I did contact the number u posted but the officer told me he's not even sure himself.
    Btw,I'll be doing commerce.
    What course are you doing? and thanks for replying
  4. adele123
    i have no idea, there have been rumours, but there are just rumours. give it a try, get the contact number and hopefully the course that you want to study is those that will be sponsored under ivy league scholarship
  5. themshunny
    Hello Adele,I would like to apply for the ivy league scholarship.Do you know if its still available for Feb 2011 intake?

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