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Conversation Between inadilemma and njkian
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  1. njkian
    haha not very suprising la...if i m not mistaken i rmb i saw ur sister n u surfing recom in library...
    juz wat a coincidence can meet at here...
  2. inadilemma
    why u never thought its me? very surprising? lol!
    no problem....u r welcome....
    yes, there are many kmp students....i joined when i got matrics that day... to make friends before going to that faraway perlis...
  3. njkian
    omg...never thought is u...but i saw mmu law i think mostly is u d...
    haha..thanks for the photo u sent me..i got it n it's now my profile photo...
    i join here today n only found out many kmp students here...
  4. inadilemma
    hey jun kian,
    i m wei jiao....from ft4...same tutorial as you
  5. njkian
    r u kmp student ?

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