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Conversation Between gretachangmin and hansley
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  1. gretachangmin
    ooh....great..!! nothing ^_^
    thanks for accepting me as your friend. haha....
  2. hansley
    nope. why ?
  3. gretachangmin
    *by the name Liew San Tze
  4. gretachangmin
    btw, do u know someone with the name Liew San Tze?
    or have u ever seen this name?
  5. gretachangmin
    then i will just add u in facebook and recom. ^___^
    thanks for your advice. =D
    I agree with you. Students from matric will suffer more than those who are out from form 6.
    It's true...
    Thanks again... =D
  6. hansley
    hmph.. why abandon it when you wana apply it at the first place?
    of course its best to take it, then struggle for it.
    well, thats the best advice i think
    personally i dont really like matric.
    students who go for matric seemed to face more challenges and they seriously need to struggle a lot more compared to those from form 6 or a levels
    basically i dont really intend to go to matric even if im selected
    but then the choice is still yours.

    depends on my parents', if they can afford of course abroad would be better.
    owh.. i dont mind. can always add.
    just that i dont log into recom that often
    mostly on facebook or blogger
  7. gretachangmin
    sorry i ask u such an 'intimate' question.
    just to tell u my brief story, jpa is my life, my dream. i nearly dying whenever i'm waiting for the jpa result. i have to wait twice, more than u, since i'm taking medicine(course).
    if i get, but abandon it, then is it very stupid?
    i pray to Lord everynight, i hope i can get jpa. i don want Lord to make me fail to get jpa in order to make me not to doubt and have problem in choosing between jpa and matric.
    do u feel very weird as I'm asking u such question? -> my friends said...i should choose jpa if i get it.
    Hansley, are u going to study abroad or local? Btw, do u mind if i add u as friend? Nice to meet u, my model essay author =D
  8. gretachangmin
    Frankly, Hansley, may I have your opinion please? Nah... let say if i really got the luck to get jpa scholarship, do you think i should accept it?
    i have to consider that it is very stressful if i accept jpa, as...u know the reason. but, it's free.
    if i continue to study in matric, then i will have to pay my self when i enter local university, ok, with a bit assistance(scholarship) to ease my parents' burden (i do not come from super wealthy family)
    ....[continue in next message]
  9. hansley
    LOL your friend must be exaggerating. My english is just typical. JPA is well known for its errr 'reluctance' towards 'hua ren' ahem ahem. If you get what I mean. XD
    I'm just informing thats it. haha
  10. gretachangmin
    Ooh, I've heard from my friend that you have good english, awesomely good english. Why are you keep stating that you have little chance to get jpa scholarship? Don't worry don't worry, once you went to the interview, that's mean you still have chance to get selected. Moreover, you must reach jpa "border line" before you went to the interview right? So, you are good enough la. You are christian right? I went to your blog just now. So, just leave it to Lord... *p.s.: i still don't really understand why are you teling me that you've got a blog?to know you latest update?or to stop chatting here?*

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