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Conversation Between gretachangmin and sijansur
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  1. gretachangmin
    llllllllllllloooooooottttttttttsssssssssss of questions.
    what do you mean "just ask me"? here no alerts...hard to know whether anyone replied me or not.
    so how's the computer reformating? btw, i want to complete with my matirc first. sorry keep troubling u.
    I scared my senior will refuse to teach me.
  2. sijansur
    sijansur you have any more probs or not?...just ask me oke..mara result will be out in the middle of may, same with shell's.
  3. gretachangmin
    Daniel, sorry I still didn't get what you said last time.
    Do you fill in the perjanjian in front of your principal? Thank you.
    When is MARA result out?
    How's your ipta ?
  4. gretachangmin
    Thank you =)
  5. sijansur
    Sure, i had added you to my contact list just now..haha
  6. sijansur
    I'm going alone cuz i told my family that i wanna be independent, lol. Actually, i applied medicine under mara, i'll tell you more in IM okay.
  7. gretachangmin
    sorry, if you don't mind, can you add me in your msn messenger please (if you have one) ?
    it's easier to talk and exchange opinions.
    hope you don't mind =)

    [email address]

    it's ok if you reject my invitation =)
  8. gretachangmin
    I'm going with my family. Daniel?
    Did you apply for medicine tajaan JPA?
  9. sijansur
    Yup, im' glad too. I'm daniel anyway abut girls usually call me danny, for no obvious reason lol. I'm taking science too and are you going to KML alone or with your family?..
  10. gretachangmin
    Really? Whoa~! ^O^
    I'm glad that I met some new friends who are going to Labuan.
    May I know your real name please? So that I know who are you when we meet at Labuan College. I'm Margeret. Nice to meet you. By the way, are you taking science?

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