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Conversation Between gretachangmin and babyluvpink
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  1. babyluvpink
    hi margeret..sory for not been updated..ive been so bz for a couple days ago..huhu..
    yeah i'm going to register on 11...huhhu..hope to get the besT water supply and nearest dorm..haha...but no chance..i think..hehe..yeah..maybe..hope to be ur room mate also..=D
    c u soon...=D
  2. gretachangmin
    I've got the surat tawaran, thank you for your concern ^_^
    I've no idea whether will I get homesick or not, ... I think maybe....
    Frankly, I really think that going to Labuan is like a dream.
    I never think of that, never think I will get matric, but I just get it, it's a big surprise to me.
    I hope to meet you soon too~ Hope we can be room mate =D muahahaha....
    oh, u r goin on 11?
  3. babyluvpink
    i'm Intan..hope to meet u there..hehe..nway,i'm from mukah..not kuching...ive just got my surat tawaran..! bout u? did u oready got ur surat tawaran??this will be my 1st time stay away far from my family..huhu..getting homesick bout urs..? hope that we can be such a good friend and help each other at=D
  4. gretachangmin
    I think....I will register at 11 May. I'm from Sarawak. I transit to Kota Kinabalu then proceed to Labuan by ferry. So, by the time I reach there is about...2:00 + pm. ^^
    I hope to meet u too. Sorry, I don't speak good english. May I know your real name please? So that I know who are you when me meet at Labuan. I'm Margeret.
  5. babyluvpink
    hye...gretachangmin...when do u go for register? hope to meet u soon...=D

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