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Conversation Between clep and manglish_lysia
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  1. manglish_lysia
    That will be great! Will you pm me your fb email? =)
  2. clep
    Also, if you don't mind, let's get connected on Facebook or something - easier than profile conversations!
  3. clep
    I've just always been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and I guess I like the satisfaction of making something with my hands. Since I also like reading, drawing is another way for me to put into pictures my favourite books and stories. I definitely identify with what you said about the feeling of completing a drawing. It feels really good to create things - Tolkien had a poem about how we humans feel the need to create - so drawing definitely helps with that!
  4. manglish_lysia
    Hahahaha....I guess we can have German sparring later on! Thanks. I believe now I could do so too! Somehow it is not easy to let go something that you love doing. Mind if I ask why do you love art?

    For me, doing art is like a place for me to daydream. When I am concentrating, art takes me to some place that I have never imagined before. It does help when stress is piling up. Maybe the best part is when my you have finally finish the art piece itself. It is very statisfying. That felling itself worth more than gold.
  5. clep
    Glad to hear that! To be frank, my advisor reinforced that belief in me this year; he said it's totally possible to do biochem (or whatever your main academic concentration is) and other things, as long as you manage your time well (the motivation is already there).

    And since you like drawing, like you said it's not easy to make yourself stop...

    I'll be taking German this Fall, by the way. Fun!
  6. manglish_lysia
    Hahaha. I am really glad to meet you. =) Your words are certainly inspiring. I have thought of letting art go to concentrate on my studies. Guess my little fingers would not do so!
  7. clep
    Haha yeah, I don't believe anyone should only study and study alone in school. There's always a way to do what you want if you really want to.
  8. manglish_lysia
    =) I like to draw a lot too! It is awesome for you to do your degree and at the same time, doing art along.
    Your welcome~!
  9. clep
    Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate them.
  10. manglish_lysia
    Hi~! I just bumped accidentally to your homepage and found your art is amazing!

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