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ReCom Rules and Regulations
The forum guidelines have been revised and updated to order to cope with additional situations and demands of increased membership. As of 12 November 2009, the following rules and regulations will be enforced. Forum Guidelines Welcome to Recom, the place to chat about your everyday questions and to just have some fun while exchanging knowledge and ideas. However, we have a few rules that help us keep this place from getting out of hand. Please read on... Basic Forum rules We would like you to first view this little video. We like to keep this forum civil, it's good for our overall mental health. So there will be no personal attacks on other members. If you have a problem with the moderation of this forum do not address it in public. It is more preferable that you contact one of the mods via pm and voice your concern there. The contacted will bring up the issue among the others should he or she is unable to make a decision on the issue. Language/Grammar This forums mainly uses English as medium of communication, i.e. to talk with each other. Posts in Malay, Chinese or other foreign languages aren't encouraged for the majority of the forums. There are, however, several sections of the forum where you may use these languages. For more information, check section information and consult the mods if you have further doubts. Should you quote information which are in languages other than English, do post a translation as well. Please check your grammar and spelling. It takes just a few seconds and keeps you from looking like a fool. Do not use all CAPITALIZED letters. It just looks stupid, and people will think that you are yelling. The use of offensive language is forbidden, if you use it expect infractions from the moderators. Don't even use things like @sshole or b%#tch. In addition, using words such as "fag" and "gay" in a derogatory manner is prohibited. Flamming of other members of the forum is also expressly forbidden and will not go unpunished. We would encourage you to think twice about the things that you are going to post before you press the "post" button. If you are not going to say anything good at all, we encourage you to just keep your mouth shut. What can I post? In general, you may post about anything in this forum. However, here are a few rules on posting and creation of new threads: 1. No pornography. If you post porn, expect to be banned. 2. If you're going to post a news item, put it into quotes. Write what you think, and then include a link to the original article. 3. Please do a simple search in the Forums to avoid re posting the same topic that is already being discussed in another thread. You may search the forum by clicking on the search button near to the top of the page or by following this link. Should the moderators find that your particular topic exists, they may, at their discretion, lock or merge them together. 4. If you are going to post something that is considered sensitive (racial, religious issues etc), please frame your posts in an non-offensive manner. Moderators may at any time temporarily or permanently lock the said thread if things get out of hand. 5. Please avoid spreading rumours from forwarded mails which may be untrue. This may cause harm as certain readers may treat the rumours as truth. 6. Please avoid double postings. Double postings means posting two posts at the same time in a thread. If the last post was posted by yourself, please edit your last post and add anything you want to voice out. 7. Refrain posting one sentence long posts. 8. Lastly, the most important rule: Relax, put your feet up, grab a coke, and enjoy yourself. Asking for Help? Want to help? If you need help with something, it is best to ask for it. However, there are ways to ask that will net you better answers and help. 1. Do ask politely. Asking in FULL CAPITALS of large fonts or FULLY BOLDED posts can and will be taken as screaming into the others' ears. Since no one likes people shouting into their ears, it is most probably that you will get yourself flammed and the thread locked. Also, if other ReComers took the effort to correct you, do be thankful and take into consideration of what they are saying. 2. We strongly discourage asking people to e-mail their answers/past year papers/trial papers to you. Such practices are extremely frowned up and will make you look very lazy. If you want to share anything, upload them to the forum or use one of the popular file sharing sites out there (e.g. , so that everyone else can benefit from it as well. 3. Similarly, if you want to help people, it is very much encouraged that you post your tips directly in their respective threads as well. Asking people to pm/email you for tips isn't very smart, and reeks of suspiciousness. Chatty posts As much as we encourage our members to have fun and friendly conversations among each other, many a time we find that our members chatting within discussion threads. This phenomenon, albeit seemingly harmless, will affect the value of the threads as the chatty posts that do not contain much useful information interfere with and disturb the flow of the discussions, hindering other members and guests from getting the information they want with ease. To solve this, we made it a policy that members should refrain themselves from having a chat inside a discussion thread. Instead, we allow them to create new threads for the purpose of chatting inside any of the following subforums: * Social and Entertainment Corner * ReCom Chat Forum Please make use of the subforums to have your chats, forum games etc. However, as mentioned by some members, it's very hard to define what is chat and what is discussion. Most administrators/moderators are quite lenient about this: when they find something that are bordering between chat and discussion, they usually just leave the posts intact. Only the outright chat posts will be deleted / moved to the chat forum. Here's a good rule of thumb: when you write / read a post, think about whether a random person coming to this thread would benefit from this post. "XXX, are you going tomorrow?" won't benefit anyone, so this is definitely a chat. "Someone got both Petronas and JPA, how did he do it" might be relevant, so could be considered discussion. But don't get too worked up over which is which. As long as you are contributing content, you will be fine. And we will always keep our eyes open on any digression and moderate accordingly. Spams We have zero tolerance for Spam. Advertisements are only allowed at the advertising section and are subject to terms and conditions: 1. Advertised products, services or events MUST be related to youth, education or career. 2. Please be concise and moderate in describing your products, services or events. Specify your contact information and/or link to your website if you have to. 3. We the Moderators have the right to modify, censor or delete your advertisements should we deem them as malicious, misleading or not beneficial to our members. 4. Blatant spams, such as iPhone or drug advertisements, will be immediately deleted and the posters will be permanently banned. 5. Links and advertising for another website is not totally forbidden here. But they must be relevant to the content. Thus new threads created just to advertise for another site are considered spams as well. Free Speech/Censorship Since some people express the argument of "Free Speech" and "Censorship" of their postings, here is a simpler explanation of the actions taken for offensive or improper postings: IT'S NOT CENSORSHIP. LOOK AT IT THIS WAY: YOU ARE THE PERSON SUBMITTING A STORY OR COMMENTARY AND WE ARE THE EDITORS/PRODUCERS OF THE PUBLICATION YOU WISH TO SUBMIT THE STORY TO FOR PUBLICATION. THEY/WE DETERMINE HOW TO SHOW IT AND WHAT TO DELETE FROM THE CONTENTS ACCORDING TO THE POLICY AND OPINIONS OF THE OWNER AND THE PRODUCERS. EVERY NEWSPAPER AND MAGAZINE, TV AND RADIO STATION CHOOSES WHAT TO SHOW AND INCLUDE AS ACCEPTABLE CONTENT. THE NEW YORK TIMES DOES NOT RUN THE SAME STORIES AS THE ENQUIRER. THAT ISN'T CENSORSHIP ... THAT'S "EDITORIAL POLICY". YOU ARE SUBMITTING AN EDITORIAL, NOT A NEWS DOCUMENT, AND EDITORIALS ARE PERSONAL OPINIONS SUBJECT TO REVIEW AND EDITING OF THEIR CONTENTS. THE REAL TERM IS CALLED "BLUE PENCILING". ALL EDITORS AND THE MEDIA DO USE THIS OPTION. ReCom's policy on personal attacks Part I All debates on issues in ReCom should be done in a "philosophical" manner. This means you can disagree on any points made by any members, by giving any or no reason. But you cannot base your arguments on the other member's background. For example, you cannot say, "Ah Kau, I thought you're a Chinese, how can you support this policy?" Or something like this is also considered not proper, "Ah Beng, you can't even pass SPM, who wants to listen to you?" But you can refer to the previous posts and point out contradictions. Part II Being critical of the government, higher authorities, or any person whose actions affect Malaysia and the world at large is not considered as personal attack. Part III Articles that are judged, by the moderators, to be of nature of personal attack will be edited out. Part IV If someone has made a personal attack, please refrain from making a counter personal attack, or other ReComers making personal attack on the person that has made personal attack. This simply creates more tensions. And also that personal attacks that have been made are also personal attacks. We can't be hypocritical to say that personal attacks that favours us is not personal attack. We want a harmonious discussions and debates here in ReCom. Posting Images/ URL Images If your photos are too large, please do not post them without resizing. If possible, save them into your computer, upload to, and post the thumbnail codes provided. From now on, any post with significantly large photos will be deleted with a message "-large pic removed by moderator-" replacing the deleted photos. URL If you are posting an url link to another website, please make sure it's short. Otherwise, use the url button to put your link. From now on, posts with long url which caused horizontal scrolling will be edited with the message "-long url removed by moderator-" . Yes, we could just replace the code for you, but if you don't do it yourself, you'll never learn. Moderators is moderated by a team of volunteers who worked during their free time to ensure that the forums runs smoothly and are regulated as stated in this document. They are given the authority to: 1. Lock, merge or delete threads as they see fit 2. Ban members who had repeatedly violated the stated rules and regulations and 3. Edit members' posts to filter out elements that runs contrary to forum rules (such as flames, personal attacks, spams). Their actions will be stated in the relevant threads. Each moderator has his or her own mod colour. For example, moderating actions taken by vseehua will always be in italic coloured purple. If you disagree with their actions, you may send a private message to them stating the reason and the suggested solution to the problem(if you have any). Remember that the moderators are humans as well and they are here on voluntary basis. Posts such as "Where are the mods when we need them?" aren't welcomed and generally will bring down the morale of the mods. Treat them as fellow friends, as they should be Wish to become part of the ReCom Crew? As an ever expanding community, ReCom is always on the lookout for fresh helping hands to manage the forum as well as the wiki. We welcome any request to be part of our young and dynamic team of people. However, do note that we will look at the following criteria when processing application to be part of the team: 1. Activity within ReCom 2. Contribution 3. Posting behaviour If you think you have what it takes to be part of the team, do send a pm to any of the administrators or moderators. We will then evaluate the application and reply to you as soon as possible. Social Groups Social groups is a feature to enable ReComers to create groups for various specific purposes. Members are allowed to create their own social groups if there is no existing group that serve similar function. However, creation and posts in every group are still subject to Rules and Regulations as stated before. In addition to that, group leaders have moderation powers over their groups. They can at their discretion edit, lock, merge or delete threads and posts within the group. They are allowed to ban members from their group should the said member causes too much trouble. They are also allowed to enforce their own subset of rules as they see fit. However, rules within the groups must not contradict the Rules and Regulations of ReCom. In addition to that, there should be no restrictions on the membership of the group as we would like ReCom to be an inclusive platform. Actions to take should you notice a violation of rules First, never reply to obvious flames and trolls. Use the "REPORT POST" button to attract the attention of the moderators. The moderators will then take actions based on the report to remedy the situation. Changes in Rules and Regulations The ReCom Crew reserves the right to change the Rules and Regulations to adapt to the current situation. Changes made will be made known via the front page and this thread itself. ReComers may dispute the changes made in a specially created discussion thread (not this thread). That's all to the rules and regulations. The ReCom Crew wishes all ReComers Happy Posting!

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