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JPA Scholars, irrespective of where you have studied

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  1. Dominic
    Originally Posted by froet213kil View Post

    nevertheless, imho, it is pretty clear that if you don't want to serve the country, you'd better opt for another scholarship instead in the first place. and if all scholars choose to stay overseas, how can we improve our country in the future? sure, we'll have a better life with big car, big house, big paycheck; but what about our cousins, friends, nephews/nieces, teachers etc. that still live in Malaysia?
    Not everyone wants to stay overseas because of the 'big car, big house, big paycheck'.
    Thread: Bond to JPA
  2. DCYL
    Originally Posted by Mirianchoo View Post
    I am currently studying in IMU and what I have to say is that IMU rocks!

    Where else can you get a 2-week long orientation for med students and a 6-week long IMU Cup (sports and games tournament) experience?

    IMU also only has 2 hours of lecture a day! Tons of time to spend on self study and club activities instead of sleeping in lectures.

    So, those of you JPA scholars bound to IMU, study hard (but play hard too) and safely get to IMU and join the fun!

    Btw, those 3rd sem ALMers bound for IMU who are interested in scrabble can start practising. Who knows, you might be one of my teammates for scrabble in IMU Cup next year!
    hi! i'm interested in studying medicine at IMU. but i didnt know that JPA can fund studies at you think i can apply for JPA scholarship by using my STPM results to fund my studies at IMU? coz the last time i called they said IMU is not one of the unis they fund...
  3. xJing
    then just call them up and see what they can do for you.
    by the way, i'm actually a bit stunned that you forgot your choice. must be the case of too many scholarships

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  1. chenchow
    Do join!!!

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