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A Level students

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Group Created by The Myth

All ex-,current,would-be A Level students...Let share our experience,advice,information,tips here.

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  1. jannylee
    I would like to buy P1,P6 MATH AND PHYSIC=]
  2. Licialoves
    So I'm applying for cambridge A levels July intake in Taylor's College and the subjects I have in mind currently are Biology, Chemistry, Math and Psychology.

    I've heard that there's a lot to memorize for bio, chem and psychology. I'm aiming for all A's. Anyone taken those subjects before? How do you guys find in terms of difficulty? How tough will it be with my combination of subjects?

    Btw, I'm applying for Taylor's U residence for accommodation. Anyone knows what is there around there? Transportation? Food choices? Shopping malls?

    Your experiences and opinions will be much appreciated
  3. Alpheus
    Originally Posted by LimChloe4331 View Post
    oh... so what's your further plan?
    and... any advices on choosing further maths? Some of my seniors told me it is very tough. ><
    It really depends on whether you can learn fast, be capable of self-learning, and be willing to spend a lot of time doing practice questions.

    I took further maths and I found it a bit challenging, but it is not really a problem if you really enjoy challenges and are the type of person who yearns to 'understand' (not just 'do').

    Oh yeah, I studied at MCKL as well. Just finished my final exams in January 2013.
  4. xJing
    Well, it's like this. Cambridge A-levels is divided into TWO sections: Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and A2. For Bio, Chem and Maths, AS comprises Papers 1, 2 and 3; A2 comprises Papers 4 and 5. Most people sit for their AS first, then their A2 half a year later. The total score from all FIVE papers will give you your overall A level grade. AS contributes 50% to this, and A2 contributes the remaining 50%. This is what is meant by 'bringing forward the AS score'. You can also opt to take all five papers in one go, but I would advise against that because it is rather demanding. Even good students avoid that.

    If you really fail to understand the whole system, I suggest you arrange for a session with a college counselor to talk this over. It'll give you a better view of this.

    Originally Posted by jingyi View Post
    And it is impossible to have a short route to complete an A level as far as i concern, 1.5 years is a must. I'm sorry about this.

    they have 3 different papers for the same exam taken by the same batch of candidates. Different colleges take different paper.

    I hope it helps =)

    1.5 years is NOT a must. I'm doing a 1 year program, and so far I'm on track to getting straight As for my A levels. There are colleges across Malaysia offering it. Penang, especially, is well-known for that. Sunway College also offers the one-year program in their main campus, if I'm not mistaken.

    There are also more than three variants now. Paper 3 has gone up to 5 or 6 variants, according to the Oct/Nov 2010 scheme.
    Thread: A Level

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  1. Aries323
    Anyone who is taking Edexcel A-level searching for buying books?
  2. unicorn sim
    unicorn sim
    anyone here took further mathematics for cie before? i nid advices for reference.
  3. masterof_none
    I did A-Levels at Sunway College. The best course was Economics. I used to dream up being an economist when I was studying A-Level.

    Sunway College A-Levels usually has duration of 1 1/2 year. However, being not so smart student, I flunked the second semester and took extension.

    It was a definitely steep learning curve (this is when I learned how to write English essay). But it's worth it.

    In the end, I didn't use A-Level certificate. Instead, I started over when I went to USC.

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