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This is a public group.

Taylorians Unite!!!

Group Created by Nicholasng925

Anyone who would be studying or is studying in Taylor's is welcomed to join this group, regardless of the programmes and campuses. Alumni of Taylor's are warmly invited too! Feel free to join us if you are one of them!

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  1. oanne93
    anybody registering for CAL 27june?
  2. oanne93
    Just joined!havent even start studying in taylors..:-\ but im excited!!hope it will b d best experience ever!!
  3. rukia0827
    ADTP anyone??? and when are you guys registering??
  4. Kemai
    Heyo ! anyone takin ICPU @ taylors and registering this July?
  5. Nicholasng925
    LOL! Thanks! Yeah can't wait to enter college life in Taylor's! Getting prepared for the classes to start!
  6. edcac
    Nice one, Nicholas. Taylorians Unite~! We haven't even enroll in Taylor's and you're all revved up already!

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