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Anyone with a passion for visual arts is welcome to join and share your work.

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  1. jayden
    Hello everyone. Can't really say that I'm a visual artist yet, but I'm in the process of learning to create sigs and avatars through online tutorials ^^
  2. clep
    When I got my Wacom Graphire in 2005 it was about RM500. Prices should have gone down a lot by now. I think the Bamboo line should be even cheaper.
  3. chongkeat
    Well, I usually sketch and doodle on paper, but I'm hoping to get Painter and a tablet by the end of this year. So my Deviantart account has remained practically empty, for now.

    Incidentally, how much would a relatively ok tablet cost?
  4. Cherying
    Hey, lol.
    {too short}
  5. chongkeat
    Wow. So I guess it's just you and me, eh, Clep?

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