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  1. KwHau
    Congrats! Mind if i ask what did you get?
  2. KwHau
    Not a hassle at all =) Its just a small matter and they wont really take that particular info into account. If i remember correctly yea i did. You received your jpa results already right?
  3. Nicholas92
    I believe I did fill that in, yeah. Some people do choose to hide it but I wouldn't say it's the best idea...don't worry too much, the scholarships are given (or supposed to be given) based on merit, so need is not the biggest factor at play. I said I was already on ASEAN and I got JPA in the end anyway
  4. AnnieChan
    glad to be of help
  5. AnnieChan
    hey bubu. no, i didnt. but i do have a friend who did the same thing as you. no worries okay. jpa won't take that into consideration. in fact, my friend was in the victoria college in sg under asean and jpa still took him in .. so dont worry too much okay. best of luck =)
  6. freylifej
    Actually by that time I haven't get any scholarship so of course I didn't say that I get college scholarships. Don't worry. I don't think it will affect alot dear. By the way, the form is submitted already right?
  7. yugathes
    yeap it is.. no problem!
  8. yugathes
    Hey there.. I just checked.. Biomed falls under medical field.. Not science.. So yeah
  9. yugathes
    ya sure.. sains tulen is pure science which means that u will be either taking physics, biology and chemistry.. as for science, there are many branches of it.. so it depends which one u want to specialise or major in.. As for biomed, im not really sure it falls under which category.. And im not sure whether its under science itself... As far as i know, for biomed, its normally under medical field or medical science.. But then again, im not really sure.. Try asking around..
  10. yanno_yamster
    I guess in JPA sains refers to applied science where as sains tulen is just like what the name says, pure science (please confirm it with a senior who is actually studying a science subject though, JPA is vague sometimes).

    Applied science (e.g. engineering) uses science theories to apply in the real environment where as pure science (e.g. physics) is basically trying to understand the environment and hence derive new theories regarding how nature works. In other words, pure science is the mother of applied science. Biomed is definitely applied science because you're using knowledge of biology in medicine.

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