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  1. knowledge
    May Peace be upon you,

    I am a foreigner, Would you suggest A'Levels that takes less than 1.5 years. Kindly, name some good institutes to do it, reasonable fees with quality teaching. Or any good tutor's contact for those who plans to do it in British Council.
    (Science, Maths stream)
    As for FoundationProgramme: foundations in (public or private) Institutes which are recognized in prestigious Uni's like UM, UTM, Nottingham etc. I am into IT, Network Eng., Software Eng., Telecommunication Eng. (mostly technology).

    Also advise on,
    Undergraduate: The Right Universities for my options, where they provide good understanding with practical/hands-on-experience skills avoiding those 'complicated theory type teaching'.

    I Really really need some Sincere advice at this old stage of my life with delayed years of education.

    Your Generosity will forever be Honoured and remembered.
  2. Ultraman_batman
    HAHAHA, nice avatar! At first I dont get what it means, but now I knew. =)) If I'm not wrong, it means "traffic jam" right? =DD
  3. ayjiahui
  4. bekann
    WOW. You are like super famous!! You're on the AUSMAT student handbook right?? :O
  5. Young
    Hey there. I'm afraid I don't know of any internships that provide all that. My apologies for being such a 'great' help. I'll be sure to notify you if I ever come across one.
  6. Athersin
    hey young, i would like to know any of the australia university offer summer internships for undergrads students in msia with the cover of accodomotion and allowances?i would like do 2 months internship during my study break.
    look forward to hear from you.^^
  7. henry_yew
    Whoops, I've just seen your reply only today.

    Yes, I'm gunning for postgrad. I've applied to do MSc temporarily in UTP (as my safety school - I have a very good lecturer who wants me to help him with a research), and I have applied to 4 universities in the US. I'm not keen about UK and Australian universities. I did consider Delft University in the Netherlands, but the application into that university is painfully tedious. As for NUS, I've missed its application deadline which I think is just too early.

    As for preferences, I prefer US universities as they offer Masters by coursework AND research. Australian and UK universities offer either coursework OR research.
  8. debby
    Hi Young. I just discovered how to write visitor messages! Lol. Oh btw if you don't mind can I have your fb or something so that I can add you? It would be easier to get in touch that way. I'm not an active recommer you know. If you don't mind la. ;)
  9. Young
    Hello. Life's good in Perth. Exams are around the corner so stress levels are high but apart from that, I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

    Ahh, another Ipoh guy doing med in UWA? I was beginning to think I was the only Ipoh guy in the entire faculty. Haha. And UWA's a great place to study; awesome campus, fairly reputable and nice people.

    And no, I was spared by the hailstorm. A few of my friends weren't so lucky though; their cars got trashed bad. =/

    How about you? I heard you're gunning for postgrad education in UK, US or Aus; any luck with applications? Any institution of preference?
  10. henry_yew
    UWA... How's life there? I have two friends studying in the UWA. One of them, Matius Ng (an Andersonian), is also doing medicine there. And from what my other friend has told me, UWA is indeed a nice place to study.

    By the way, were you affected by the bad hailstorm some two or three months ago in Perth?

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