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  1. kfnerzhul92
    u prob will.
  2. kfnerzhul92
    yep. u havta take all those that fulfill ur course requirements and university requirements. as for the issuance fee, i believe u can pay it now. last year i rmb some did it b4 and some after.
  3. kfnerzhul92
    Now here's the ugly part. u can pick all d best mods but they might not give it to you. Ya need 2 bid for it. Every freshie is given a fix amount of points. P account and G account points. For Eng students, 250 G n 750 P per sem. Both accounts are used to bid different modules. Suppose ya wanna take 1 particular econs mod. there's 50 slots and 100 are interested. the top 50 bidders will get the allocated. you can dump all your points there, but the other modules ya wanna take might be hard to get. some modules are more popular and will need more points and others will only cost 1 point since not much bidders. if you don't get all 20 mc worth of modules, there's a 2nd ad 3rd etc round of bidding. Essentially, it's just a highly complicated form of 1st choice, 2nd choice etc selection where they prioritize those that prioritize the mods they want. more will be explained b4 the actual bidding process, they'll email ya all and stuffs on the gory details. and 1st year
  4. kfnerzhul92
    for ur 1st year, ur core modules are pre-located to u. so u can generally ignore those for now. half of ur chem eng cohort will take 3 cores in the 1st sem and the other half will take 2, and then 3 and 4 cores respectively in the 2nd sem. who takes that one particular core module on which sem is decided by the department and will be available at a later time on their website. But u'll need at least 5 modules with 4 modular credits (MC) each per sem. Generally, most of the modules have 4 mc, so u can ignore that too for now. but for the rest of the modules, u'll need to pick them yourselves in a way that doesn't clash with each other in terms of classes time and final paper schedule. and these modules would consist of 2 GEM modules (at least one from Arts GEM), one Singapore Studies (SS) and UEMs n Breadths (meaning the other stuffs...).
  5. kfnerzhul92
    sup. "advice" is a real general term. whadaya wanna know?
  6. ongchihang
    oh, i didn't know nus started rejecting people already. Can only hope for the best
  7. gkcs23
    yes. could I have your fb or something? Would be nice to know a future coursemate. congrats btw.
  8. gkcs23
    hi lilian, thanks. did u get it also? what course are u doing?
  9. ongchihang
    I got all from UK except Cambridge lol, just trying for fun
    NTU rejected me, but NUS still no news. High probability for getting rejected too. I just want to study in sg no matter got scholarship or not.
    What's your A level result?
  10. ongchihang
    Hi, so how is your uni application going?

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