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  1. senksiang90
    I'm not too sure but I guess so..
  2. senksiang90
    Well, something like they got MARA to UK so they opted for it. LOL.
  3. senksiang90
    So sorry... none that i know of.. those who got it rejected it..
  4. hnyksz28
    change country? hmm maybee. tp gotta work extra hard on ur a-levels later i think. yeah i know, i prefer uk personally but dpt us, syukurlahh. my a-level is at kyuem. waa utp? 1 year? bestttt. kejap n utp! i love utp. hahah. okay i'll try asking my cuzen who his fren is, i think it's a guy tho. sorry i dnt have fs. i just have facebook.
  5. miyra91
    no fs inert in fs..fs really lambat the way,add me at myspace la miyra91_crazee[at]yahoo[dot]com...congrats yeaa got ptns...go for it okay
    no worries,beijing also has a cold weather..n still overseas...
  6. hnyksz28
    woahh i cant believe it's really you! ahahah. yeahh we gotta let go of the doc dream but i dont really mind, i haf to always think positive. there must b a reason y we were chosen for petronas rite? maybe we could make more money with them haha haihh u got beijing? aigoo kesian, but then beijing's kinda cool. just susah cari mkn la. haha. my cuzen's fren is going to beijing too under petronas. idk what course tho. i got US. 2 years later baru pegi sane. hope influenza A dah habis by that time, aminnn. yeap2 i'm taking petronas. arent u? u got UM ka? i got UM tapi i dont wanna stay local, go abroad la better
  7. hnyksz28
    heyy so it is u!! ive been seeing u a lot on the mara forum n i did ask myself whthr ur the educamp+mara person whom i was with haha helloo i got rejected too. i heard about the petronas - mara link n i guess it's true then since a lot of ppl got the same thing as the 2 of us. u got petronas to where? a-levels where?
  8. harry_dan91
    okes..awk apply ape?saya accounting..

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