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mangee 19-05-2013 11:34 PM

Stpm book for sale

Dealing method: COD at LRT station or Pandan indah or Maluri area. Jusco Maluri or Tesco Ampang.

Anyone interested can email me [email address] or comment on this post

can visit

Reason : Completed STPM last year Dec

Oxford Organic Chem for STPM – RM7
Federal Topical Tutorial Inorganic Chem – RM6
Federal Topical Tutorial Organic Chem – RM6
Federal Study Guide Organic Chem - RM5 (Photostated)
Federal Study Guide Inorganic Chem – RM7
Federal Study Guide Physical Chem – RM7
Longman Chemistry – RM9
Ace Ahead Volume One – RM8
Ace Ahead Volume Two – RM9

Oxford Fajar Ace Ahead Biology Volume 1 – RM7
Longman Biology Volume 1 – RM10
Longman Biology Volume 2 – RM5
Oxford Q&A Matrics Semester One – RM5

Pengajian Am Kertas 2 – RM2

STPM Past Year Question from 1990 (Outside not selling, Limited) - RM12
Longman STPM 6years series Mathematics T – RM8 (Photostated)
Pelangi Paper 1 – RM5
Pelangi Paper 2 – RM5
Cerdik Kertas Ramalan Paper One – RM2
Cerdik Kertas Ramalan Paper Two – RM2

Oxford Fajar –RM5

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