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Mother 19-05-2013 11:35 PM

For Sale in Penang : iGCSE books, revision guides, notes, and past papers etc.
Selling exam materials in Penang only (for student's funding of continuing university studies!) - selling plenty of iGCSE materials that are no longer needed. All in good condition - books (including good photocopies of books), revision guides, notes and past papers. Most are of Edexcel Board, there are some of Cambridge Board, and few of OCR Board. From our own experience, contents of materials from other boards (ie. not your own) sometimes may boost knowledge in general. Some GCSE AS Level materials available for sale too.

All materials are for first come first serve, and prices similar to those offered in other threads (or negotiable if bought in bulk). If anyone in Penang is interested, to avoid disappointment, please contact me ASAP at [email address] for early appointment. Best to come in person to see all materials yourself. Come with a decisive "cash and carry" attitude, (for everything would be as you see them anyway, so no refund or exchange would be entertained.) Thank you, hope you will find our materials useful. Either way, good luck in your studies! :)

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