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sleepyhead25 07-06-2013 01:53 AM

Cie a level book sale


Business Accounting part 1 12th Edition Frank Wood (40)

Accounting AS & A level (2005) - Harold Randall (30)

Acc Past Yr Papers 3+4 with ans scheme (30)


A Concise Course in Advanced lvl Statistics with
worked examples 4th edition J Crawshaw & J Chambers (40)

Understanding Pure Mathematics AJ Sandler (12)

Maths Past Yr Papers 3+7 with ans and additional worked ans (45)


Cambridge International AS & A lvl Economics 2nd edition (40)
Colin Branford & Susan Grant

Econs Past Yr Papers 3+4 with ans (30)


English Legal System AS 12th edition Catherine Elliot (30)

Tort Law 8th edition Catherine Elliot & Quinn (18)

Contract Law 8th edition Catherine Elliot & Quinn (15)

Law Past Yr Paper 3+4 with ans (15)

All books are in good condition
Selling around Subang Jaya and Sunway area
Do not hesitate to pm or email me at [email address] for further inquiries or information
All prices listed are NEGOTIABLE!!

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