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Scholarship Holders Infobase

Welcome to ReCom's Scholarship Holders Infobase, a database of information regarding scholarship holders among Malaysian students. All entries in this database are submitted by members who are willing to lend a hand if you get in touch with them, so feel free to look around for their contact information. We encourage other scholarship holders to share their scholarship details and contact information into this infobase for others to benefit from.

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» Grantor & Scholarship Field / Major Region/Country & Institution SPM ±
degree jay3349 JPA
JPA Scholarships
Medicine Australia
University of Western Australia
degree alex2020 JPA Engineering Australia 2005
degree deaf-knee JPA Dentistry Australia 2004 +1
degree Crezki MARA
Medicine Australia
University of Melbourne
degree Chris JPA Pharmacy Australia 2005
degree pangping1510 JPA Medicine Australia
University of New South Wales
2004 +1
degree chiachean JPA
Engineering Australia
degree sweetiojj JPA Medicine Australia 2006
degree WinnieWong JPA Accountancy Australia 2006 +2
degree jasmine_tea JPA Accountancy Australia 2006
degree cheryl_c2x JPA Veterinary Science Australia 2006
degree illusions JPA Pharmacy Australia 2006
degree Shannon JPA Veterinary Science Australia 2006
degree jane_gun JPA Medicine Australia
University of New South Wales
2003 +1
degree leonheart_89 Yayasan Tenaga Nasional Accountancy Australia 2006
degree Gajanayagam Jeyasundram
JPA Accountancy Australia
The University of Melbourne
degree yeng JPA
Architecture Australia
University of Melbourne
2006 +1
degree RJ JPA Chemical Engineering Australia 2006
degree flibbertigibbet JPA Medicine Australia
Monash University
degree budakkerek Ministry of Education TESL Australia 2001
degree lilet JPA Biotechnology Australia 2003 +1
degree jamesgan JPA Law Australia 2006 +3
degree leinad
Full Scholarship
Petroleum Engineering Australia 2006 +1
degree Teo Zhi Qin
Ministry of Education Physics Australia
University of Melbourne
2005 +2
pre-u Azureen Alya
Petronas Mechanical Engineering Australia
Sunway University College 2007-2008 (A-Levels)
2006 +1

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DisclaimerAll entries are submitted by members, thus ReCom is not responsible for their accuracy. Please kindly rate our members after you contact them.

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