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Forum: ReCom Chat Forum 15-03-2011
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Posted By kinon
Re: God is so good

yikes! that link have some pretty nasty comments... anyway she does have a point. People of japan don't deserve this massacre. It just doesn't make sense what good could come out of this?
Forum: ReCom Chat Forum 14-03-2011
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Posted By kinon
Re: End of the World... Soon??

Nah if we look at the "scriptures" the end of the world would mean the explosion of our solar system. So, no worries here. But the natural disasters are something that must be dealt seriously. I...
Forum: Malaysia Today 13-03-2011
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Posted By kinon
Re: Anwar asked four girls for sex

Dr. M always have called a spade for a spade... i see he is true to that.
Forum: Window to the World 13-03-2011
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Posted By kinon
Re: Latest and Major News Around The Globe

Me too, i appreciate your hardwork ken! really about the supermoon i tried searching for it but fail. Good thing the recom hava this thread.
Forum: SPM & STPM 24-02-2011
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Posted By kinon
Re: How you did in school and in SPM?

After you've done your best at spm, the result will give you surprises that even people like me who did half the supposed work can get over average result so don't worry!
Forum: SPM & STPM 24-02-2011
Replies: 318
Discussion: Stpm 2011
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Posted By kinon
Re: Stpm 2011

When will the changes start? I mean i haven't heard any news related about stpm years becoming college. Anyway just dropping by saying good luck to my fellow stpm takers this year. Its gonna be hard...
Forum: Social and Entertainment Corner 21-02-2011
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Posted By kinon
Re: Corrupt a wish

Granted, your friends will leave you for life responsibility.

I wish i have cool car.
Forum: SPM & STPM 20-02-2011
Replies: 445
Sticky: Discussion: Stpm 2010
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Posted By kinon
Re: Stpm 2010

I as well wishing for all stpm 2010 takers for their great achievement :-) know no matter what everything will ok!
Forum: Education 15-02-2011
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Posted By kinon
Re: 'Local education system ranked 8th in the world'

The comments on shuwenteo's link says that malaysia holds the 36th place. Well i'm proud whether or not its 8th on upper middle class nations it shows how arduous our education system if not fairly...
Forum: Malaysia Today 14-02-2011
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Posted By kinon
Re: Who's Your Vote For GE 2011

Wow shuwenteo your quite the driven type. Please continue with your efforts.
Forum: Youth and Charity 11-02-2011
Replies: 2
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Posted By kinon
Re: The International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates [ICMS]

The organization is still in its inception stage. I would like to know more about the programes and ideas that ICMS scholars would like to create. If could, a few members from the union would keep in...
Forum: The Music Cottage 07-02-2011
Replies: 191
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Posted By kinon
Re: What song are you listening to at this moment as we speak?

Timberland - The way i are (french ver) it sounds different but really good.
Forum: Education 07-02-2011
Replies: 2
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Posted By kinon
Re: good science blog

i've been meaning to find all kinds of resources for academical purposes so, thank you shuwen!

i would like to share a website as well for people who are interested in astroscience
Forum: Education 05-02-2011
Replies: 9
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Posted By kinon
Re: Working and studying in Singapore?

I scroll down and saw rm 4000 monthly and i was like... busted!
Forum: ReCom Language and Literature Corner 04-02-2011
Replies: 96
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Posted By kinon
Re: Studying A Foreign Language

kaze thanks! then i will post it here ( it took me a while to find this website. And btw an extra for generality of languages here...
Forum: Pre-U/ Undergraduate/ Postgraduate 03-02-2011
Replies: 3
Views: 2,966
Posted By kinon
Re: Famous Graduates of Liberal Arts Colleges in USA

A great thanks shuwenteo you've just strengthen my resolve to take liberal arts :). My eyes were wide open when i saw the list of all the great presidents and great leaders .. just wow!
Forum: Education 03-02-2011
Replies: 1
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Posted By kinon
Re: Major and Career Issue

Hey mrsmile, i'm also thinking about doing medicine and psychology for my career but if can i would try to opt business as minor. In other words we're in the same pitch. I'm not sure which career...
Forum: Pre-U/ Undergraduate/ Postgraduate 31-01-2011
Replies: 2
Views: 1,606
Posted By kinon
Re: Chinese student loving life in U.S. college - CNN

President Obama is truly a remarkable speaker. About the student visa, i think he wants to absorbed the degree holders of foreign students to US. I'm sure the reality would be different, but if that...
Forum: ReCom Language and Literature Corner 31-01-2011
Replies: 96
Views: 27,082
Posted By kinon
Re: Studying A Foreign Language

kaze i feel like your trying to master the japanese language itself. Wow i'm very impress! its not easy to learn them, i just wanted to learn so i can speak sentences to make sense. But now i feel...
Forum: Scholarships 30-01-2011
Replies: 61
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Posted By kinon
Re: Program Penghantaran Pelajar Cemerlang

Where do you find out about this programme?
Forum: ReCom Language and Literature Corner 30-01-2011
Replies: 96
Views: 27,082
Posted By kinon
Re: Studying A Foreign Language

Thanks kaze you help me greatly :). I didn't learn the details on japanese language rather i learn the vocabulary that is use in modern day interaction. For example, school = gakko and some...
Forum: ReCom Language and Literature Corner 29-01-2011
Replies: 96
Views: 27,082
Posted By kinon
Re: Studying A Foreign Language

I have been trying to learn 5 different languages german, french, mandarin, japanese and arabic but i never reach even a sentence in any of these language.... I wonder if i do need to write them down...
Forum: Reading Sharing 29-01-2011
Replies: 469
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Posted By kinon
Re: What Are You Currently Reading?

Chicken soup for the soul - jack canfield
Its quite diverse in terms of motivation stories
Forum: Education 29-01-2011
Replies: 7
Views: 1,861
Posted By kinon
Re: Allow me to ask... Do we need to pay for local university?

Well let's just say that private uni are much more expensive than local uni but it has far more better quality. Of course you need to take the consideration of what kind of private uni if its a top...
Forum: Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) Scholarships 28-01-2011
Replies: 132
Views: 28,392
Posted By kinon
Re: No more JPA scholarship for overseas undergraduate studies ?

I agree with djfoo00. If they want more qualify students than they should have stress more on stpm than spm takers..
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