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Forum: SPM & STPM 29-10-2012
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Posted By maximR
Re: What subjects should I take up in Form 4 as a Science stream student?

You're not allowed to take Additional Science , not if you're going to choose to be in the science stream . It clashes with the science subjects .
Forum: Pre-U/ Undergraduate/ Postgraduate 18-10-2012
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Posted By adele123
Actuarial Science: it's not what you think it is


I studied actuarial. I graduated, I'm working. (prefering not to share too much of my personal infomation)

Some common misconception:

1) Actuarial is about maths.

NO. You study...
Forum: Pre-U/ Undergraduate/ Postgraduate 04-10-2012
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Posted By Chelsea
Re: CIE vs Edexcel (ease of scoring)

I agree your three points in why you would (and I chose) Edexcel Alevels. If I would choose again, I would still do Edexcel again.

Just to explain the Edexcel exam system. The Sciences and Math...
Forum: Pre-U/ Undergraduate/ Postgraduate 04-10-2012
Replies: 13
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Posted By Chelsea
Re: CIE vs Edexcel (ease of scoring)

Hi there. I am studying at HELP now doing your intended subject combination.
About Further Math (I am not sure whether you know how the edexcel modules is divided. If you dont, feel free to ask.)...
Forum: SPM & STPM 14-08-2012
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Posted By WhitePhoenix
Re: Can I cope with Prinsip Perakaunan without tuition?

PP is a matter or practice, practice and more practice. After understanding the methods you'd need to constantly train to ensure speed and accuracy. Muster up the discipline and take the trouble and...
Forum: Scholarships 11-08-2012
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Posted By frostbyte13
Re: How to study aboard in south korea

Medicinal psychology or consultation ? It's two different criteria with two different ways of achieving, keep that in mind.

Next, curious question ; why Korea for Psychology of all things? If your...
Forum: ReCom Sports Bar 05-08-2012
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Posted By youngyew
Re: Lee Chong Wei just misses Olympic gold

ESPN commentator: "LCW is such a great guy, but Lin Dan is abit arrogant. Skills win you medals, but attitude wins heart."

This line is spreading like wild fire, and while it sounds nice and makes...
Forum: Matriculation 04-08-2012
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Posted By Boyz_Zoo
Re: Question regarding application of matriculation

Let me explain more in detail:
Kehadiran: 50%
Penglibatan: 20%
Pencapaian: 20%
Jawatan: 10%

Well, attendance is easy 2 get n jawatan depends on ur post. My school's penglibatan's n...
Forum: Matriculation 03-08-2012
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Posted By marczeman
Re: Question regarding application of matriculation

Was there ever fairness in this country? Haha. For a long time I assumed it went on in all schools but I guess cluster kids don't have it so well. :(
Forum: SPM & STPM 25-07-2012
Replies: 51
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Posted By rocky2009
Re: 2012 SPM students - interested in medicine

my friend is studying in upnm asasi perubatan (non-bumi). there are about 50 places offered out of which about 15 are for non-bumi.

there are 2 types of students.

1 is cadet where they are...
Forum: Pre-U/ Undergraduate/ Postgraduate 19-07-2012
Replies: 22
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Posted By shinary
Shinary's Guide to UPU and USM Application 2012

Your dream to study at a local university, starts with the knowledge of the UPU and USM systems.

UPU application processing is based on computerised algorithms. It is a partial meritocracy based...
Forum: All about UK 06-07-2012
Replies: 48
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Posted By izmi308
Re: Anyone got an offer from any UK universities through UCAS?

What is that better choice, if I may ask? :)
Forum: All about UK 05-07-2012
Replies: 4
Info: Law Uni
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Posted By Nicholas92
Re: Law Uni

There isn't really such a thing as 'reliable' when it comes to rankings, because rankings themselves are always subjective. It all depends on what methodology the surveyor uses in scoring these...
Forum: Pre-U/ Undergraduate/ Postgraduate 02-06-2012
Replies: 8
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Posted By frostbyte13
Re: Edexcel vs CIE A level.

Haha thanks Kamilia for relieving me of one part of explaining. Though I would really prefer you to go look up ReCom's older threads, I suppose newbies need to be spoonfed one way or another :(
Forum: Scholarships 05-05-2012
Replies: 82
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Posted By frostbyte13
Re: Petronas : Educamp 2012

Only way you can do; compare both their scholarship agreements. Bond period, after graduation working privileges, flexibility, clauses, coverage, etc.
Forum: Matriculation 29-04-2012
Replies: 112
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Posted By shinary
Re: Kolej Matriculation Kedah 2012/2013

For my batch, you will have a gather a group of Christians and write a letter to go out for church sessions. Either Friday or Saturday. Not sure exact day because I'm not a Christian.

Girls get to...
Forum: Matriculation 29-04-2012
Replies: 80
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Posted By jonlim93
Re: Kolej Matrikulasi Johor 2012

yup.. atm machine is just outside the college gate.. easy access.. no worries.. but its bsn.. you will need to get one bsn account before you go there.. and photostat the slip the bank gives you...
Forum: Pre-U/ Undergraduate/ Postgraduate 25-04-2012
Replies: 21
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Posted By Nicholasng925
Re: Should I take further mathematics in A-level?

Yes I'm taking 4 subjects in A-Levels! :) Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics.

Both are quite okay for me although I think I tend to score better mark for Statistics than Mechanics. ...
Forum: Pre-U/ Undergraduate/ Postgraduate 25-04-2012
Replies: 21
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Posted By WInSUm
Re: Should I take further mathematics in A-level?

Firstly ask yourself this question..
Do you love mathematics and have a strong foundation in Add Maths in SPM? Are you able to commit yourself fully to it?

If Yes, then I shall recommend you to...
Forum: Scholarships 04-03-2012
Replies: 82
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Posted By senksiang90
Petronas : Educamp 2012

Hi there. I am a 3rd year Bachelor of Commerce(Accounting) from the Australian School of Business(UNSW) under Petronas. I have been regulating the Petronas community within ReCom for the past few...
Forum: Scholarships 10-03-2011
Replies: 58
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Posted By shuwenteo
Forum: Pre-U/ Undergraduate/ Postgraduate 07-02-2007
Replies: 515
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Posted By koln_auhc
FAQ about TOEFL, SAT 1 , SAT 2 and US University Application

This topic is meant to provide simple answers to people who have questions about TOEFL, SAT 1 , SAT 2 and US universities in particular.


1.Types of Universities in USA
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