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I think sim_min has offered much valuable information.

About handphone (which people tend to call it cellphone here). I don't have it here mainly because I have a homephone in my dorm. On campus calls and local calls are free. I don't have to pay for the phone at all because it is covered in the tuition fee.

It depends on your school and your need seriously, like whether your school provides you any free local calls and whether you will be travelling so often that you really need a cellphone (as if you will not surivive without it).

One question to have in mind is "Where are you going to call?" Are you calling friends on campus? Are you making local calls? Are you calling nationwide? Are you making international calls? For nationwide or international calls, you can always use a calling card. The one I have costs me 1 cent/minute to call to anywhere in US, and 4 cents/minute back to Malaysia. (p/s: 1 cent and 4 cents USD, not RM)

The prepaid calling here is not as convenient (and as cheap) as that in Malaysia. Registering for the service is more common and cheaper, and you might also get a free cellphone.The service probably costs you around 30USD/month.

I agree with sim_min that whether getting a notebook in Msia depends on the deal you get. If the price is much cheaper and it is a branded laptop, ie Dell, HP-Compaq, Acer, Fujitsu, Sony, probably you should go for it.
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