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  #1 Old 30-12-2008 Unhappy The Future of Sarawak

As a Sarawakian, I am particularly concerned with the direction that our state is headed right now. As all of you have heard...

Western Digital Sarawak facility up for sale


After Western Digital, Timber Companies Expected To Lay Off Thousands More In Sarawak

Then again, we do have SCORE, which I think will end up like all the corridors we have in our homeland, empty. I give it 2-3 more years.

I have noticed that every one I know in Kuching has left Kuching for work elsewhere, leaving their families behind. Those who stayed behind are either medical doctors, students, or teachers. Something is wrong with the development of industries in Kuching. Are there any industries that can survive in Kuching? The last time I was home (3 years ago), I noticed that although the infrastructure has improved, and there are a lot more coffeeshops, there are almost no new high tech industries at home. Everything is either related to timber, oil, aluminium, pepper or palm oil.

I find this daunting because I see potential in Kuching to develop, but puzzled as of why all the industrial development is so stagnant that people are moving out to find jobs.
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