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The very basic of investing is financial knowledge. Before we attempt to get oneselves into the investing world or business, I recommend that we better familiarize and master our financial knowledge first. Here, I recommend a good start of learning money and finance from:

"Robert Kiyosaki- Rich Dad Poor Dad"

I find it very easy to understand as it introduces and explains well the financial knowledge with examples in the form of real life stories. For young people like us, it gives revelation to the real world. For normal adults especially working ones, reading this will be of some kind shocking and unbelievable; you just can't accept the principles which the book suggests. Just read it with open mind and I am sure you will agree, or just accept in a win-win situation at least.
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"I'm convinced that ATTITUDE is the key to success/failure in almost any of life's endeavors. " ~Carolyn Warner
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