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Hey Dominic,

Interesting argument. I must say your interpretation of scripture is indeed worth considering as much of your points can be argued for. It certainly has an edge in winning a debate. However, I would like to propose for your consideration a deeper stance, since by reading the Bible, we are also trying to discern the voice of God.

The issue at question here is not merely one of how we interpret scripture. With the dawn of what we may dub "the age of relativism", Christians like ourselves are increasingly using the philosophy of relativism in formulating theological principles. In simple words, relativism is the philosophy or belief in the idea that everything is relative. There is no real truth, only real opinion. Thus, the one who can argue best reserves the right to formulate his or her own truth, until someone else appears with a better argument. I must say however, that this is indeed a poor doctrine to be applied to the moral truths that concern Christianity. As Christians, we must believe that God is the author of truth. Jesus Christ is the truth. With this as our guiding principle, we must debunk and kick out relativism in favour of true morality, a morality that truly comes from God, and not from what we think God would say. I understand this can be truly difficult, as no one can claim he has seen and spoken to God, who appeared to him on a burning bush in some mountain last week. duh.. However, with regards to questions of morality, Christians must strive hard to go beyond clever arguments and perceive truth in the natural sense, as it is revealed to us.

Back to the issue of homosexuality, the real point in question here is the true meaning of sex or the sexual intercourse. And the truth about our sexualities are sometimes so clear to us that we do not really need biblical exegesis and hermeneutic arguments to prove them. What do I mean? Have you ever pondered about the meaning of sex? Why on earth did God create sex, knowing clearly that it would lead to such worldwide confusion and controversy? The answer lies right there in the book of Genesis. A direct answer lies in the link between the creation of humanity as male and female, and the mandate by the Creator to "Be fruitful and multiply". Another link that we may well observe is the fact that "God created man (greek addam=humanity, not just the male) in his image, in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them." . The creation of man (humanity) in the image of God also corresponds in a theological sense, to his creation as male and female. The unity between male and female, thus expresses also the image of God who is a Communion of Persons (the Trinity). Simply put, just like God, man and woman can become a communion and give life through sex. This is the natural means by which God intended that we glorify him.

In a nutshell, sex is procreative and unitive. And both its fruitfulness (procreation) and its unity has to be taken together. This does not mean I must have kids everytime I have sex with my wife. However, it does mean that my sexual intercourse must be OPEN to procreation. The sexual intercourse between a male and another male or a female and another female can never be open to procreation. However, as a Christian, I DO NOT condemn homosexuality as a tendency. It is not wrong to have homosexual tendencies. But the act of engaging in a homosexual intercourse is nevertheless intrinsically wrong, because it goes against the meaning of our sexuality or the purpose of sexual intercourse itself. In that sense, it is not different from fornication. Whether we have homosexual tendencies or not, we are all called to live a chaste life. Chastity is not merely abstinence. It is not about repressing and saying "no". It is about choosing to love rightly. It is about saying "yes" to love, so that our abstinence would have meaning. Chastity is the right path for all.

God bless
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