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Sorry guys ... it's been a while.
There are a couple of things....

1. Migration failure
This is by far the largest contributor to ReCom's unpopularity. We did some migration to a new forum system that proved to be fatal. My original intention is actually to support the FB login. That was back in 2013 i think. Anyway, once we migrated to VB version 4, nobody really likes the interface. We try to migrate to another supposedly cool forum system based on Ruby. This is even worse. I don't want to think about it.

2. Core members disappearing
Well... life caught on. Some get married, get a job, having life.

3. Competition from Whatsapp and FB.
Last few years, really, nobody cares much about our Forum because we have FB and Whatsapp. I guess i still love the old school way of communication. Forum!

4. Members outgrown
ReCom sets up as student board. Some of us now have grown beard. So there's a disjoint there. People are disappearing because most of the topics didn't concern them much anymore.

5. Funds issue
Throughout failure of getting hits, we technically running out of money to run ReCom. So I have to migrate ReCom to my own VPS server which was almost discontinued at some point. But now i'm fine.

6. Technical issue
I'm the only one looks after the technical side like backups, etc. Currently, i'm troubleshooting email issue, which takes forever because I can only do it at my free time. Still trying to dedicate some time to ReCom.

I know some of you guys still visiting!

So thanks. Keep on ReComming!
"The Journey is the Reward"
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