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If any of you harbor a long-term interest in learning a new language, one of the most effective methods is through taking these steps:

1) Learn the grammar, syntax, semantics etc through formal classes. Duration depends on intensity of classes, relative difficulty of language and...natural talent ;-p
Anyway this usually takes 1-2 years
2) Stay in the native country of that language. This is called full immersion. Do not permit yourself to speak in any other language other than theirs. If possible, think in that language too. The longer you stay in the country, the more fluent you will be. But minimum 6 months.

This is based on an experimental training camp conducted by the US government to make its soldiers fluent in Arabic post-9/11. The fluency rates were very high indeed.

Problems with this method:
1) Staying in a different country for 6 months is an expensive price to pay just to learn a new language. One could do this concurrently if studying/working overseas, but then it defeats the greater purpose, i.e. to only speak their native language and none other
2) In countries where English (or any other language you are proficient in) literacy rates are poor, people you interact with may attempt to improve their own levels of, in this case, English, through learning from you. Again, counter-productive.
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